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15 Traits Every Powerful Female Leader Possesses


15 Traits Every Powerful Female Leader Possesses

In your opinion, who is a successful woman? What accounts as accomplishment in a blooming woman? What makes up a woman who is ahead of her game?

Well, in attempts to understand dynamics of a noteworthy woman, there have been several interviews of successful woman around the globe. We have thriving women astronauts, authors, entrepreneurs, activists, scientists and what not! There are hundreds of success stories of women in every walk of life.

Each woman has a story and each one of them is different but there are certainly some mutual characteristics which are consistent among all of them.

Here are 15 of those traits which are found in unabashedly affluent women!

1. They play to their strengths

Sure, doing what you love helps you go a long way but a successful woman realizes she has to go with what she is best at. You might love making pottery but you excel at playing basketball. In order to be a triumphant woman, you will go with the latter. For a successful woman, doing what she loves comes second and choosing her strengths becomes priority.

2. They are visionaries

Some women look forward to a small-scale success. A flourishing woman, on the other hand, makes big plans – her goal isn’t limited to the department or the firm; she looks beyond the four walls and wishes to conquer the world! They are in it for the long haul.

3. Organization is the key

Everything is in order for them. If they have made a plan, they stick to it. Every meeting, every chore, every plan, has a time set in their calendars. They move methodically and structurally. Management is their forte.

4. Positivity all the way!

Even in the face of adversity and disappointments, they stay optimistic. They understand life has planned something bright for them in the future.

5. They are constantly learning

The process of learning, for them, does not stop as soon as success touches their feet. A successful woman is well aware of the ever dynamic world around her and thus constantly strives to improve by learning. They aren’t static.

6. Gratitude is a part of them

Successful woman are humble, showing gratefulness to anyone who has offered minutest of help. They practice gratitude for everything they have.

7. A strong support system backs them

Heard how a woman is behind every successful man? Well, same goes for a successful woman. There is always a constant support, a partner or a family member, who is constantly pushing her. A support she knows she can always lean on when needed.

8. They work hard and persistently

This one goes without saying but it’s easier said than done. Success does not come easy, not even to a woman. Successful woman put blood and sweat to reach where they are. They stay adamant in the face of adversities and persevere.

9. They understand that success and failure go hand in hand

It is one of the most underrated ideas about success but successful woman are well aware of it. They realize it is not possible to succeed without failing. If you want to be successful, you have to taste failure at least once.

10. Even their body language speaks confidence

Confidence is beautiful and successful women are nothing short of it. Be it daily decisions or a major one, they believe in themselves.

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11. They don’t sweat the small stuff

Successful women know what is worth their time and what is not. They know what differentiates between worthy and unworthy. Hence, they invest in what is meaningful.

12. They do what they believe in

Belief is the core. It is the driving force. The belief in the purpose of their work is what keeps them going for years, chasing success and finally emerging prosperous.

13. They choose their battles wisely

Just as they don’t pay heed to insignificant stuff, they don’t attend to unnecessary drama either. If something is genuinely troublesome, they know it is worth their time. They are well equipped with resolving the issue swiftly.

14. They are ambitious, not dreamers

They don’t “dream” of conquering success at departmental or organizational level. They aim for the big picture, for success at national level.

15. They feel successful, but never done

Yes, they feel accomplished but there is always that feeling that they can do more, that they can aim bigger. They feel there is always further to reach and that this isn’t it.

Now, these successful women aren’t born with these traits – some are but most aren’t. They aren’t born with silver spoons in their mouth. They struggle, they fall, they rise, they succeed and they learn.

These women aren’t any different than others – what differentiate them is their determination, willpower, vision and purpose!

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