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10 Things Strong Women Always Do (But Never Tell You)


10 Things Strong Women Always Do (But Never Tell You)

“A strong woman”

I didn’t say a name but you already have a face in front of your eyes. When I talk about a strong woman, I’m not referring to a woman who is physically strong, but a woman who has conquered every aspect of her life. The one who has knowledge of her flaws and yet she flaunts it while working on them simultaneously.

A woman who isn’t scared to speak her mind is a strong woman. She is the one that every little girl looks up to and the one most men desire, yet never gather the courage to walk up to.

Do you want to know what these women do to make themselves strong? If yes, continue reading!

1. Always growing

A strong woman only involves herself with people and situations that help her grow in any which way. She is always around people who help her to become a better version of herself. She doesn’t miss any opportunity to learn, be it professionally or about life. She is a motivated person who will not only rise but pull you up as well.

2. Never an ‘option’

She isn’t one of your eye candy girls whom you ‘chill’ with on a weekend evening. She surely isn’t ‘one of your’ girls. She has a lot of self love and knows to leave the table when respect is no longer served. She only involves her emotions with people who respect her emotions and are willing to be exclusive.

3. Bye-Bye toxic

She is all about learning and growing. Her biggest enemy is negativity and she stays away from it. She also stays away from people who don’t have a goal in life and from people who have nothing but criticism and negativity to offer. She won’t take a second to realize the toxic nature of a person and cuts them from her life immediately.

4. Others don’t matter

She knows that the person she is dreaming to become will demand a lot of sacrifices, which includes leaving behind a couple of relations, all-nighters and a lot of hard work. She chooses her passion over everyone and everything. She also knows that everyone has something to say about her and if she keeps focusing on them, she won’t be able to focus on herself.

5. They accept themselves

The first step towards self love is self acceptance. Before you are kind to others, make sure you’re kind to yourself. She is proud of her mistakes and flaws and takes authority of her actions. She isn’t afraid to accept them. She knows that if she hides her weaknesses, people will use them against her someday.

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6. She isn’t afraid to be alone

She doesn’t need constant validation from another person to make her feel worthy. She isn’t afraid to love but she doesn’t waste her energy and emotions on men who show and give her little attention. She has set standards for her heart and not everyone is allowed to reach it. One needs to really put in genuine effort to win her heart. And she is ready to wait for that one guy.

7. Small circle

They keep their circle small and refined as they believe in less drama. The people in her group are as career-oriented as she is. She likes to associate with like-minded people. She just doesn’t talk to anyone and everyone. Most people think of this to be her attitude but in reality it is just her keeping away from unnecessary communication and meaningless friendships.

8. Zero tolerance to disrespect

They can take everything but disrespect. You can’t misbehave with them just because you are in a romantic relationship with them or are friends with them. They will always have a lot of respect to offer and that is exactly what they demand.

9. Insecure men are a big NO

She cannot stand men who are insecure about themselves or her. She does believe in making people feel good about themselves but men who are insecure are more like a burden that you have to carry on your already loaded shoulders.

10. Makes the first move

When she knows her feelings are genuine, she isn’t afraid of making the first move. She doesn’t make emotions a matter of gender. She knows how to be verbal about what she feels.

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