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10 Harsh Truths About Life We All Need to Accept


10 Harsh Truths About Life We All Need to Accept

Life doesn’t come with a map or a set manual. You take it as it comes and learn something new in every phase. Sometimes it gets tough, sometimes it’s easy. But one thing that remains constant is learning and growing.

When we hit puberty, we start having a mindset and a perspective. It is the way in which we decide to see the world. The most common example is half a glass of water. Some will say it’s half full, whereas the others will say its half empty.

Perspectives differ from people to people and this is what makes each of us unique. However, there are ten truths about life which we aren’t told right in the beginning. These are truths that we learn after trial and error. So to know what these 10 truths are, keep reading!

1. We haven’t got that much control

You will always feel like you can control everything but that just ends up making you feel even more helpless. Everything cannot be in our control. There are things that we have to leave on luck and time to decide. The only thing we can do is give our best in every situation and be strong enough to get through tough situations.

2. Expectations and attachments lead to suffering

Expectations are a nasty thing. It’s something that’s in our head. We expect people to do certain things and be a certain way but majority of the time it’s nothing like we imagined it to be. Hence, the best way to keep yourself from getting hurt and disappointed is to be ready for everything in life and not set expectations, especially high expectations.

3. Everything is imperfect, even you

Perfection is a myth and running behind is like being a part of an endless marathon. Every creature in the universe has imperfections, even the Moon does. We all have our flaws and that doesn’t change who we are. So never be ashamed of your flaws. Flaunt them while working on them to improve yourself.

4. Worrying is pointless

Like mentioned before, everything isn’t in our hands. Hence, worrying is pointless. Your job is to play the cards that you have, like hard-work, effort and honesty. Do your share and leave out all the rest. Worrying doesn’t make anything better or easy. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we cannot escape the worrying, and that’s valid. Just make sure you don’t over-think yourself into stress.

5. The best lesson will come from hardship

Hardship is the best teacher. It can make you push yourself to new extremes and achieve things that you couldn’t even think of. Hardships teaches you how strong ambition and the will to never give up is the only difference between a successful person and a loser. Hardships also make you humble.

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6. Confusion between productive and being busy

You can be busy while playing a video game but that doesn’t mean it’s productive. Sitting with your laptop and an open book in front of you for hours doesn’t mean you did something productive. Productivity is when you use your time properly to gain something out of it.

7. Most of us don’t need more, we need less

Gautama Buddha once said that the cause of human suffering is due to human desire. Desires are never ending. Every time we get something, we want something else. Most of us are so busy counting things that we don’t have, that we forget to acknowledge the things that we are blessed with.

8. Our society is way too focused on outer beauty

White skin, bigger breasts, tall height, muscles etc are just outward beauty. If you are bad from inside your heart then congratulations on your face!

9. Most arguments are pointless

While some arguments are vital, the others are just a waste of time. So pick your arguments wisely and avoid the others if they aren’t necessary.

10. It’s easier to hold on to the way things are, rather than accepting change

Sometimes we tend to accept the wrong just because it has been practiced for a long time. We’d rather shut the mouth that speaks the truth than change what’s wrong. That’s because we can’t face it.

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