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25 Astonishing Psychology Facts You Never Knew About People

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25 Astonishing Psychology Facts You Never Knew About People

Isn’t it always interesting to know more about ourselves? The more we learn, the more there is to discover. The more questions we ask, the more questions arise. The more we unleash, our knowledge of ourselves seems lesser. It is almost as if we can never know enough about ourselves. It’s complex and intriguing.

We not only strive to know ourselves but we are ever curious to learn about our interactions with others as well. We want to know more about how we all interact, how we behave in certain situations and how we express.

It is one of the reasons why psychology has gained so much popularity for years now. Since it helps people learn more about them and others, they are always interested in unveiling the hidden.

So, here are 25 fascinating psychological facts for you inquisitive souls to learn more about yourself and others.

1. If you start a friendship with someone when you are somewhere between the ages of 16 and 28, it is likely to be strong and long-lasting. Know that these friends are there for you till the end.

2. Do you know someone who gives everyone the best advice? We all have this someone in our lives. Be their shoulder since they are probably the ones with most problems.

3. If you are a man with a deep husky voice, you are highly preferred by women. It’s because your voice makes you look confident and not aggressive.

4. Have a bad handwriting? They say the smarter the person, faster they think and sloppier their handwriting. Doesn’t feel so bad to have a poor handwriting now, does it?

5. So, you have been told that your emotions affect the way you communicate? Hmm. Well, they don’t. It’s the other way round: the way you communicate will have an impact on your emotions.

6. Your treatment of the restaurant staff will tell a lot about your character, more than you know.

7. If you have a strong sense of guilt, know that it’s a good thing. It makes you more understanding of other people’s feelings and thoughts.

8. It’s not that men are funnier than a woman. It’s just that they crack more jokes – unaware of whether people like their humor or not.

9. Even though women have twice as much pain receptors as men, they have a higher pain tolerance. Hmm…. Women are indeed strong and resilient!

10. Shy people talk very little about themselves but they will do this in such a way that it will make the other think they know a lot about them. Shy people are also smart, eh?

11. If you listen to high-frequency music, you will feel calm, relaxed and happy.

12. You feel great when your partner sends you ‘goodnight’ and ‘good morning’ text messages? Well, such texts do activate the parts of the brain responsible for happiness.

13. All your thoughts come rushing in when you are trying to sleep? Get up, grab a pen and paper and write them down. It will ease your mind and you will be able to go to sleep.

14. The average amount of time a woman can keep a secret is 47 hours and 15 minutes. Ah, shocker? Not really!

15. Do what you are scared of. It will make you happy!

16. Hold the hand of your loved one when you are in pain or stress. It makes you feel less pain and worry lesser as well.

17. The happier you are, lesser the sleep you will require.

18. You must have heard how people who try to cheer up everyone are often the ones who end up the loneliest. Well, it’s true!

19. Higher your IQ, smarter you are and smaller your friend’s circle. You just become more selective with more intelligence.

20. Are you a woman with more male friends? Well, they say that females that have more guy friends than females, stay in a good mood more often than others.

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21. Did you fall for your best friend and so did they? Marrying your best friend eradicates the risk of divorce by 70%! This marriage is likely to last a lifetime as well.

22. People who speak two languages may unconsciously shift their personalities when they switch from one language to another.

23. Loneliness is deadly. Being alone for a long time is just as harmful as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

24. Travel boosts brain health. It also decreases a person’s risk of heart attack and depression.

25. When two persons talk to each other and one of them turns their feet slightly away or repeatedly moves one foot in an outward direction, this is a strong sign of disagreement, and that they want to leave.

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