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13 Things A Man Will Never Admit To A Woman

Off The Record

13 Things A Man Will Never Admit To A Woman

It’s believed that women are mysterious people, right? But did you know that men secretly do things that no woman knows about?

That’s because they’re really good at hiding their feelings and we decided to unveil some of them for you.

So here are 13 such things that men will never confess to women but we know it’s true!

1. “Confident girls are very attractive to me”

The truth is that most men like women who are like them—confident and upfront. And it’s this strong character of women that men find incredibly attractive and choose above those who’re unsure of themselves. So, if it’s a competition between a charismatic and confident woman, though slightly curvaceous and a woman resembling a model, but lacking confidence in her, then it’s certainly the former that men will go for.

2. “I do care about the way you look”

Men admire women who dress up well and look a certain way. So it needn’t necessarily be a fashionable dress, but something that is sexy and elegant and definitely not vulgar.

3.“I have no clue how to go about this”

Men will be men and they simply can’t bring themselves to confessing to a woman that they can’t really do something. So, they sometimes even end up taking a task that they have no clue about and helplessly struggle with it.

4. “We don’t know how to answer your tricky questions”

It gets extremely difficult to answer questions like “do I look fat in this?”. Men hate being put in a spot where they want to tell the truth but know that it’s probably not the answer that women would like to hear. So, in situations like these, most men choose praising her even if the dress the woman is wearing makes her look bigger.

5. “It’s beyond my budget”

There’s no field in life where men don’t compete. Be it at the drinking game with other men or buying things for their girlfriend. And never, no matter what, will they tell the woman in their life that they cannot possibly afford to buy her what she’s asked for.

6. “I envy that guy”

No man confesses his feelings outright and especially not when he notices his girlfriend being over-friendly or flirting with some other man. He may be burning inside but he’ll never let the woman know what’s going on in his mind.

7. “Your friend/sister is quite interesting”

If you believe that the man in your life does not check out other women, then you’re quite foolish. And the proof of this is when he says that he finds your friend/sister hot. Now, this is something that they don’t hide about and share it with their partner quite frankly.

8. “You’re under scrutiny too”

Just because a man asked you out for dinner, doesn’t mean that you’ll plan your wedding with him. Men like to take their time too before they let themselves into a relationship. They may flirt with you or share a joke with you but none of it means that he’s forever yours to have; he may simply be considering you interesting right now.

9. “Compliments are invited”

We all know that women love compliments but it’s true that men love them just as equally. A warm look and a word of praise is something they too look forward to hearing. And much like women, they too spend time deciding their clothes before meeting a woman.

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10. “We enjoy ‘girly’ indulgences

Yes, men equally enjoy an occasional pedicure and facial, just like women do. And also watch a few TV series that allows them to just lay back and relax. They don’t tell about this because each believes that other men won’t get it.

11. “It scares me too…”

And you thought that only women have phobias? There are men who’re very scared of darkness, spiders, flies, etc. They usually don’t say it because of the stigma attached to such confessions, but be on guard to protect your man when the time comes.

12. “Nobody knows what I’m feeling at the moment”

A man will never let a woman know what he’s going through. And if you’re both watching a romantic flick, then be ready to be distracted by his strange, abrupt response to the movie as complete nonsense, while he quickly brushes away his tears.

13. “There’s a valid reason why we leave you”

If he finds you interesting, he’ll never leave you. But, if he still does so, he must have brooded over that decision for a really long time before taking the step, and the girl will always be remembered by him.

This was just a small trailer of how men behave. But one thing’s for certain, they too need as much love and attention as women do, even if they don’t confess it.

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