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23 Psychological Life Hacks That Make Your Life So Much Easier

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23 Psychological Life Hacks That Make Your Life So Much Easier

You haven’t been good in social situations?

Well, no need to fret anymore as these 23 amazingly mind-blowing tips will help you make any social setting better!

1. Trying noticing people’s eye color while smiling at them when you first meet with them. They will respond to it!

2. The positioning of people’s feet will give away their interest in talking to you. So, if you approach two people who are already conversing, and they only turn their torsos in your direction and not their feet, they don’t want you to join in! Similarly, if you are talking to someone and their torso is facing you but their feet are facing another direction, they aren’t keen to listen to what you have to say.

3. Foot-in-the-door phenomenon says people are likely to agree to your smaller requests before you ask them for a big favor!

4. If you ask people for an unreasonable task, they will reject. So, you ask them for a reasonable task first because they will agree to it!

5. If you are asked to do a small favor by someone, psychology says cognitive dissonance will make you believe it is out of their fondness for you.

6. You know how to make someone continue talking after you have asked a question? Just stay silent and maintain eye contact.

7. Chewing gum makes you less vulnerable to a stressful or dangerous situation! It is your way of tricking your brain into perceiving a dangerous situation as otherwise.

8. Tired of the sidewalk shuffle? Avoid it by carefully looking over the person’s shoulder or between people’s head in a group. It will give away your direction and people will move in the opposite direction, giving you space.

9. One of the best remedies to ensure you understand what new you have learned is to teach a friend whatever you have studied. If you can answer their questions, it means you understand.

10. People remember how you make them feel better than them remembering what you said.

11. You don’t have to be nervous before a meeting or an interview. You can alter your psychological state by telling yourself that you are meeting with an old friend. Visualize the experience of shaking hands and imagine the entire situation in your hand. Maintain an open pose and be casual. Trust that you are the in charge of your own psychological state.

12. Your energy and excitement of meeting other people transfers onto them. So, if you get yourself happy, they will feel likewise when they meet you – maybe not at first but eventually, it will happen!

13. Stay calm when people are angry at you. It will make them angrier and eventually feel bad!

14. You become a more desirable person if your hands are warm when you shake someone’s hands.

15. Want someone to dislike you? Attack their self-image as everyone defend their view of themselves.

16. You can’t seem to get another date after the first one? Take your next date to a place where their hearts will beat faster, like a horror movie or on a roller coaster. It will make they believe it was you who made them feel so aroused and not the situation.

17. You will feel all the confidence embodying you if, as you enter the room, assume everyone likes you already.

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18. Physical effects of stress are the same as those for courage. Hence, if you face a stressful situation, re-frame it cognitively and appraise your feeling as being courageous rather than stressed. It will make the situation feel like a challenge, making it easier for you to deal with.

19. Referring to people you have just met by their name develops a feeling of trust and friendship in them. Also, they really like it!

20. Feeling down? Make the biggest possible smile you can! It will automatically make you feel better and happier. Do it now and feel its magic work!

21. Here goes your alarm – sit straight up, pump your fists and exclaim “yeah!”

22. Be smart with your kids: give them a choice which will make them feel like they are in control, for example, asking your kid: “do you want to have cereal or sandwiches for breakfast?”

23. You will be amazed to discover just how much people are aware of their sense of touch. If someone “unintentionally” rests their knees on yours, they might pretend otherwise but they very well know it’s there!

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