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20 Sudden Things Will Start To Change Once You Quit Drinking Alcohol

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20 Sudden Things Will Start To Change Once You Quit Drinking Alcohol

No matter whether you are a drinker or teetotaler, or somewhere in between these two, all of us would agree that not drinking alcohol has some very clear benefits for our health. We, as a society, are also conscious about the many problematic behaviors which are triggered by alcohol consumption. And yet, the liquor industry is in no immediate danger of going out of business because, no matter the cons, people just naturally gravitate towards this potentially life threatening, in some cases, habit.

However, here are a few changes that staunch drinkers observed in their lives after giving up the bottle. Let’s see if it is enough to inspire you too:

1. Your physical health gets better, naturally. Digestion is better, weight troubles become easier to handle, skin clears up and so on. Not to forget the obvious absence of hangovers and resultant nausea.

2. Mental health too improves. Stress and anxiety are lowered. Memory and concentration get better, along with a positive attitude.

3. The quality and ease of falling asleep is improved to quite a significant extent. You also feel better rested throughout the day.

4. Your relationships improve. It is easier to be around other people, and understand their point of view when you are sober and off alcohol.

5. You get rich. Well not exactly. But yes, you do save a lot. Which otherwise would have been money down the drain. You can now invest in more permanent joy.

6. There is suddenly a lot of free time on your hand. When your evenings are not spent drinking and you can try something that you’ve always wanted to. Again, hangover free morning is an added benefit.

7. You realize that it is not the booze that makes for a good time, rather it is the company of people. With time, you might also notice how it is better without the alcohol.

8. Many people use alcohol as a way to avoid some real issues. Giving up means that you finally get to see, and accept who you are really. Not the drunk version of yourself.

9. This also means that they find out that alcohol actually makes some problems worse.

10. The quality of life increases when you don’t have to worry about the stupid things that your drunk self thought were incredibly funny. Also, you start enjoying life more because you are experiencing it, unadulterated.

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11. The process of quitting is very hard at first. But if you hold on long enough, you will find that you are no longer tempted by booze at parties and can calmly sit in a company where alcohol is being served without any temptations.

12. In opposition, a drinker is more likely to feel uncomfortable around you instead of you being troubled by them. This is why drinkers always try to get their non-drinking friends to try some.

13. People and their actions become easier to understand. It is common for rudeness to be mistaken for hilarity when you are drunk. But when you are sober, you are a better judge of who is actually funny and who is just a jerk.

14. The quality of conversation fueled by alcohol is much more superficial and overall bad as compared to sober and sane conversations.

15. You become a better judge of people as well as relationships. Many toxic relationships cannot survive long without the crutch of alcohol.

16. It becomes clearer that the reason you used to crave alcohol had more to do with your environment, than you or how you were feeling.

17. Alcohol is practically boring when it comes to mind-altering and similar buzz that people crave. It is really not that big a deal.

18. When your actions are not being made in a drunken or hungover haze, you find it easier to choose the healthier alternative in all aspects of life in general. Whether it be eating better food or taking the staircase instead of the elevator.

19. You will notice that it is easier to be spiritually aware when you are cut off from alcohol. This is because alcohol inhibits consciousness.

20. And finally, you might notice that even if you slip up, post a couple of drinks, you will realize that alcohol is not as gratifying as you remember it to be.

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