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12 Things Alpha Woman Will Never Tolerate In A Relationship


12 Things Alpha Woman Will Never Tolerate In A Relationship

There’s nothing as powerful as a woman with confidence. She isn’t scared of people, nor is she willing to put up with anyone else’s sh*t. She simply doesn’t have the time for it.

An Alpha woman is a strong woman who can take care of herself. She is different from other women in many ways which will make you fall for her immediately.

There is something which is striking about the alpha woman. You have to understand that this is someone who has had to reach the point in her life going through struggles that you cannot imagine. Chances are that her path to success has been studded with obstacles that you cannot understand.

She has been willing to fight in any manner possible, even when her back has been up against the wall. That’s why she’s a very different kind of person than the rest.

Just like she is sure about her life choices, she is also sure about the kind of man she wants as her partner.

If you want to date one, make sure that you’re aware of the things she will never tolerate:

1. Making Excuses

You cannot make excuses all the time when you are in a relationship. A strong woman will accept apologies but she will walk away if you make it a habit.

2. Uncertainty or Flakiness

If you are always cancelling plans at the last moment when she is dressed and ready to go, it reflects on your unreliable character. If you promise her something then make sure to follow it up because she will be your past.

3. Being disrespectful

Strong women respect themselves. If you are continually being disrespectful to her then she will not bear it. They will not tolerate being demeaned or patronized in any condition. If you love her then you should respect her and treat her well.

4. Control issues

Strong women are their own masters. They don’t need you telling them what to do, what to wear, eat or whom to be friends with. If you’re doing this then she will not tolerate it at any cost. You need to let her exercise her freedom. She is not yours to control.

5. She won’t settle

A strong woman’s standards might be high and unrealistic but she won’t settle with anyone just for the sake of it. Until she meets the guy she desires, she wouldn’t budge. She realizes the significance of partners in life so she will not let just anyone fill the spot.

6. Lying to her

If you lie to her then you might as well kiss the relationship goodbye because strong women will not stand lies. They are honest and loyal, so they expect same kind of honesty in return.

7. Cheating on her

If you cheat on her then that’s it. There are no second chances or appeals. You chose to cheat and that has nothing to do with her. She won’t blame herself because she knows that it’s all about your insecurities.

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8. Support system

A strong woman needs support in life. She is independent and self-sufficient, but she desires her partner to be supporting. If you keep on criticizing her and being absent during crucial moments in her life, she will not like it at all.

9. Manipulations

Don’t try to manipulate strong women. They will see it coming and you’ll have to face the consequences.

10. Being jealous

If you’re being jealous then it shows your insecurity. Strong women can’t keep reassuring you that you have her. You have to work on your confidence and let her be.

11. Emotional abuse

If you yell at her or belittle her then she will not tolerate it. Emotional abuse should not be accepted by anyone for any reason. If you’re toxic for her then she will leave you.

12. Blaming yourself

She will never blame herself if things are not working out. Strong woman could make mistakes but she will never constantly blame herself for the same. She knows the value of living in the present. A strong woman chooses her partner based on desire and want, not because they need you.

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