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9 Deadly Sins That Destroy Almost Every Relationship


9 Deadly Sins That Destroy Almost Every Relationship

This is a generic post where we have tried to curate and list the most common things that lead to romantic bonds breaking.

When two people are in love, they get into a relationship. Common and pretty simple you’d think, but it is not so simple.

The reason is, a relationship entails sharing lives. Very basic aspects of it.

Letting someone in into your private space can be daunting. It is this daunting thing that results in consequences that finally breaks things apart.  At the same time, once you pass that test like a rite of fire, there’s a high likelihood that your love will hold through.

Anyway, these are the top 9 things that are totally lethal for your relationship:

1. Depending on them to cheer you up

In laymen terms, “get a life.”

If you think of your partner as someone who is duty-bound to cheer you up, and likewise, you depend on them exclusively for your happiness, giggles and laughs, I am sorry friend, but get a life. Do what makes you happy, pursue a hobby or get a better job; because at one point, your partner will need you to cheer them up too. So you finding your own joy is of utmost importance.

If you wait on someone else to constantly make you happy, you might not be happy for a while.

“Waiting for someone else to make you happy is the best way to be sad.”

2. Suspicion

If there is one thing worse than envy, it is distrust. And this can be in the smallest of ways. From not sharing Netflix passwords to simply thinking that they are being unfaithful, suspicion can sour the sweetest of dates at the blink of an eye.

Learn to trust and appreciate your partner and think of their pros instead of their cons. Think of what you like about them before the dislikes. Unless you find solid proof of infidelity on their part, do not overthink it. It’s probably nothing.

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3. Not being on the same page

Being on the same page. that is being in agreement about expectations out of a relationship. is probably one of the most mundane and saddest ways to part. This requires the most important pillar of every relationship: COMMUNICATION.  Talk about your expectations before things sour. If you don’t, don’t blame your partners later either.

4. Bad life choices

Choices like alcoholism, gambling, smoking, violent behavior can never be adjusted with. They can’t be made peace with, no matter how much love there is between you and your partner.

5. Transformations

Everyone has heard the phrase “people change when in love” at least once in their lifetimes. This is true. Only difference is, sometimes love is not strong enough to change someone else for the better. Sometimes, their fundamental nature stays. And it’s not your fault either. No one is responsible for others after a certain point.

6. Bickering

There is nothing like constantly pecking at each other like frenzied chickens over the smallest of things; it causes you to eventually hate each other’s company. Instead, try and adjust, and if you can’t agree, try not to disagree unless it’s really serious. Try not to argue all the time and ruin the moments you have together.

7. Time

This is of two types.  Too much, or two little.

Too much, corresponds to our first point. Get a life. Go out with your friends, have fun. Do not obsess over your partner all the time. They are independent and adult and need not answer to you ALL the time.

On the flip-side is having too little time for your partner. If you really like your partner, you will make time for them despite your busy schedules. If not, ask yourselves, if you are ready for this relationship or not.

8. Lying to yourself

Ask yourself if this relationship is worth your dedication, love and time. Half-baked relationships hurt both parties, even if they realize it or not.

9. Lack of effort

Once you stop lying to yourself, you see for yourselves if you have indeed lacking effort when it comes to working on the relationship. Otherwise, you would know why you haven’t been very excited about working hard at it. Win-win situation.

Hope this helps.

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