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Things People Do When They Don’t Really Love You…


Things People Do When They Don’t Really Love You…

Humans have been trying to define love for centuries, but till date, no one has ever been able to find the right words to come up with a single, concrete definition. But what we have found out is that love is an essential part of all our lives.

The continued existence of our race is solely dependent on the fact that we have understood how to love each other. It is the deepest of all the bonds we share and it is the force which ensures that we survive. Two characters from the movie Interstellar, Cooper and Brand, have an insightful discussion about love and what it really means.

They acknowledge that human beings haven’t really understood love. It’s not a man-made thing but a force that is greater than all of us. Love has a purpose and it encompasses various concepts like societal bonds, societal union, nurturing a young one, etc. Love does not have the limitations of the physical body and can easily transcend time and space.

Love and romance are popular topics of discussion, and one thing we all need to understand is that our one true love will always come looking for us. If the love is real and sincere, you will cease to have any doubts. Every little thing about your significant lover will only reinforce the idea that this is the real thing. You can tell by the look in their eyes, by how your body burns with even the slightest caress, by how your heart leaps when you see them smiling, by how the smallest gestures make you feel happiness in a way you never have before.

You’ll know that they truly cherish you because they’ll be there when you need someone to have your back. No matter what challenges are thrown at the two of you, they’ll search for a way to make it work.

On the other hand, it is not impossible for a person to stay in a relationship with you if they don’t actually love you. But don’t worry; it will be quite hard to stay oblivious to their lack of emotion. When this happens, it is important to step back and let go. There will be times when a person will be unable to reciprocate the feelings you have for them and the best thing to do then is to look elsewhere for the one you’re meant to be with. There is no point in wasting time pining over someone who has no feelings for you.

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There will always be a couple of heartbreaks along the way but just think of them as opportunities to learn what you are really looking for. Take the time to understand what you are really willing to prioritize.

Don’t ever give up on finding your true love. There is someone out there for everyone, so there is no reason to pack your bags and go home defeated. It’s hard to go on when you are lonely but don’t let the emotion take over your life. It will only lead you to the path of bitterness. It will be a difficult fight but you will only end up worse off if you choose to stay with someone who is not right for you at all.

If someone doesn’t return your feelings, just let them go. If you insist on staying with them, both of you will just be unhappy and will end up resenting each other. It is better to part ways on amicable terms.

Don’t pity yourself or think that it is your fault. Just live the best life that you can and opportunities will come your way. Give all the love you have to give and pick yourself up every time you fall. You will be able to find happiness if you just get up and move forward.

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