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8 Things To Do, To Keep Your Man


8 Things To Do, To Keep Your Man

Love and dating are complicated processes in today’s time. With the abundance of easy hookup apps and such, there’s really is not much that people can do to keep their partners in check. Nobody wants to be ‘exclusive’ because there is plenty of fish in the sea and the sea is now in their smartphones.

So what does one do when they find the perfect guy and they want to make him stay?

Thankfully it is not entirely impossible to make a man want to commit himself to you and be true to his words. You just need to know certain things that will make him want to do it. In this article, we will go over those things:

1. Always curb in your impulses

It is not easy for sure, but this would be good for both him and you. Although the temptation to act on provocation is strong, if you can find it in yourself to think things through and act rationally, that will make you the best partner to have. Wouldn’t you want to be with someone who is calm and composed no matter how crazy things are getting? Try to be that person.

2. Don’t ever hide your brains

Beauty is important yes, but only for that initial attraction. The one of the most real reason why a man would want to spend the rest of his life with a woman is because of how smart she is. How stimulating their conversations are and how many interests they have in common. You should never shy away from your intelligence because it is supremely sexy.

3. Always be honest

No relationship can survive much if there is no mutual trust between the partners. And this trust comes from them being honest and open with each other. When you are open to him, he will also reciprocate and be honest with you. Wouldn’t that make life a lot easier? Also, when you care for someone as we assume you do care for your partner, why would you ever not be completely honest with them? They do deserve that.

4. Look after him

This doesn’t mean that you have to pamper him or something. You just need to care for his well being and let him see that you do. When you love someone and you support him, he will feel cherished and that would do miracles for his confidence, as well as your relationship.

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5. Show your sense of humor

Life would really get bland and boring if we forget to have a sense of humor. Keep things light and make sure there is always a good joke that you can rely on when things get too bothersome. If you can keep your humor intact, even the toughest of times will pass easily.

6. Respect yourself

The most important thing in any relationship is mutual respect. And how can he respect you if you won’t respect yourself? Never undermine yourself, and never deny yourself what’s your rightful due. Also, self respect doesn’t mean you turn into a Narcissists and can’t look beyond yourself. Think about it, you’d find a healthy balance.

7. Be compassionate

No one would tolerate a pretty face for long if the person is an absolute horrendous human being. Learn to be kind and gentle, not just to him, but everyone. The world needs kindness, and when he sees your goodness, he would definitely want to be with you. Everyone loves and respects kindness and compassion in other people, and is one of the most beautiful traits a human being can have!

8. Try to be as romantic as you can be

Obviously if you want to spend your time with this man, he must be something special. So make sure that he knows that. Romantic gestures, whether great and grand or small and simple, are always appreciated. And the more you shower him with love and affection, the more he’d want to do the same for you. So it is a win-win situation.

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