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12 Signs You’re In A Toxic Friendship And Need To Get Out ASAP

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12 Signs You’re In A Toxic Friendship And Need To Get Out ASAP

Friends hold a special place in everyone’s heart, as they are supposed to be aware of everything that is going on in your life. They also help you in differentiating right from wrong and assist you in making the right decisions. There are no barriers between friends, so they are upfront about everything with you and they help you point out all the toxic people in your life.

But what if your friends are toxic for you but there is no one out there to make you realize it?

Well, don’t worry, as this guide does exactly that!

The aim of this list is to help you discern and check if you are in a toxic friendship.

1. They Radiate Negativity

It is a natural tendency of people to be negative at times but this particular person always finds something wrong with whatever you say or do. Apparently, everything is your mistake or there is only one person to blame for anything that goes wrong and it is YOU!

2. There are Inconsistencies

Their behavior towards you is not right, in the sense that there are inconsistencies. Sometimes they are happy with you and sometimes it seems like they despise your presence. All of this becomes really hard for you to comprehend correctly.

3. You Feel Relaxed without them

So, you guys meet up and then eventually they leave. The feeling that you get when they are leaving is somehow better than that when you guys were meeting. This clearly means that you were relieved when they decided to leave.

4. One-sided Feelings

Friends are supposed to be there for each other, regardless of the circumstances. However, when you want their help or need their attention, they are “busy”. Whereas, you are the first person they call whenever they need help.

5. They are News Broadcasters

Friends are supposed to keep each other’s secrets as you are supposed to share each detail of your life with them. However, this particular friend does not seem to keep anything about you to themselves and, whatever you tell them, soon becomes common knowledge.

6. They have no Patience

They get upset by you about the smallest things. You were 5 mins late due to the traffic jam? Well doesn’t matter as they will not be willing to hear your reason and just assume that you were late on purpose. They will have a tendency to pick things and fights so that they can have a reason to be upset with you.

7. They Force you to do Stuff

Peer pressure is wrong, regardless of its form. This particular person will make sure that they force you in doing anything that you are not comfortable in doing. This must be enough to help you realize that this person is not your real friend.

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8. You are not at Mental Ease

Whenever you are around this person, it automatically makes you feel sick and you have this weird gut feeling all the time. You are mentally burdened by their presence and, when they leave, you have a headache.

9. Only One Person is Wrong all the Time

You can never be right in the presence of this person. Everything and anything that you say is automatically contradicted and you are silenced. Don’t even dare challenge them with this!

10. Me, Myself & I

They automatically assume that everything is about them. They are never ready to listen to anything that you want to share with them, as they are always talking about themselves. Apparently, everything in this universe is supposed to revolve around their presence.

11. They Take but not Give

Regardless of what we consider here, be it time, someone to listen or attention, they are always at the taking end of it. However, when you want them to return the favor, they are nowhere to found.

12. They Judge you

Friendship is supposed to be the safe space or a place where there are no judgements. They are supposed to be happy and be supportive of every decision you make as long as you are happy in it. However, this toxic friend of yours will somehow be there to scrutinize your every move and judge you whenever you make a mistake of any sort.

To live a healthier and a happier life, it is recommended to cut ties with all of your friends who come under the scope of this article. There are plenty of good people you can be friends with and you will be doing yourself a favor by distancing yourself from such people.

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