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Get Ready: Rare Double Full Moon In Libra Is Going To Change Everything

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Get Ready: Rare Double Full Moon In Libra Is Going To Change Everything

What does the rare Libra Full Moon have in store for us? Does it mean double trouble or does it imply double bonanza?

It is the latter and so, it’s time to rejoice!

The combination of Aries and Libra can be used for your benefit, as it will throw light on your inter-personal relationships and make you introspect. The rare Moon will rise on April 19 and will reignite the vibrant energy that was ushered by the March 20 full moon.

The following are things that will help you survive this intense season:

1. Take Charge Of Your Relationships 

The Libra vibe will make you think in terms of the collective and not the individual. This shift will hopefully make you aware and you can step out of the grey areas that you have created.

For example, if you share a personal bond that is more or less casual, you need to take charge and ask yourself these questions – how long will you date this person? Will you be exclusive? Is there any chance of something serious happening? Are you two on the same page? Is it really worth your efforts? 

In the case of professional collaboration, you must ask yourself the following – is it going to be fruitful in the long-term? Will the project help you grow? Does the other party have clear terms and conditions? Will it meet your needs at the moment?

The good thing about Libra is that it is extremely rational. You do not need to jump to conclusions and decide the boundaries in a jiffy. You have been in the grey area for long and now you must take baby steps to be more assertive.

2. Opposites Attract

As we grow older, we tend to befriend people with the same ideology as us because we no longer have the patience to be more accommodating. We try to do similar things to avoid conflict and we succumb to a sense of security. This situation will soon make you feel stagnant and you will cease to be productive.

Libra is the sign of balance and so, you can be more adventurous this season!

Reach out to someone poles apart and, who knows, you might find your perfect match! It is very important to be inspired and stepping out of your comfort zone will be highly beneficial. You will find fresh perspectives, new skills, and revolutionary ideas.

How does the pairing work? Suppose you are an engineer but cannot translate your ideas into an attractive plan, you can reach out to a budding artist who will have a new take – opposites can co-exist without colliding.

3. Put Your Thinking Cap On And Be Creative

Venus, the planet for all things beautiful – art, fashion and anything creative – has a great influence on Libra. It is time to go crazy with your creativity! Dye your hair in a shade of brilliant blue, get the elaborate tattoo that you secretly wanted, reorganize your room according to your mood and take those brushes out.

It is a great time for the visual arts and you might even want to document your progress in a digital way or in your journal. 

Mercury was in retrograde until March 28 and its shadow influence will hover around till April 19. There is enough time for you to curate your wardrobe and maybe even come up with a style statement for yourself. You can try something new, a haircut or investing in a classic dress or jewelry. Libra loves luxury and this extravaganza will give you an outburst of creative energy, which will help you in the long run. 

4. Communicate Your Ideas

You cannot always agree with people but you can always try to understand their point of views. Instead of screaming your lungs out, try to resolve the conflict in a peaceful manner.

Marshall Rosenberg, an iconic Libra, gave us the principle of  Non-Violent Communication. Not every difference should terminate the bond. There can be solutions only if you look keenly. Be it your personal relationships or professional ones, you must clearly communicate your ideas and handle conflicts in a matured manner.

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5. The Balancing Act

At home, you could check Marie Kondo’s effective decluttering video and do it all by yourself.

The key to a healthy diet is moderation – you must not exclude any food group but try to eat healthy portions. Consult a nutritionist and plan your meals.

At work, you must take care of your body or it will be harmed. Try 3 minutes of meditation or improving posture by changing your chair. These small things make big differences.

6. Justice For All

There are a lot of things wrong in this world. It is our duty to contribute to social change in any way possible. You could join an NGO or a club that is eco-friendly, you could start a social media campaign or volunteer to teach underprivileged people. Make Gandhi’s words your motto, “be the change you wish to see in the world”. 

This Double Full Moon in Libra is going to be a blast. Are you ready to make things happen for you?

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