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12 Real Life Psychological Jedi-Mind-Tricks You Can Play On Yourself Immediately


12 Real Life Psychological Jedi-Mind-Tricks You Can Play On Yourself Immediately

1. Look at Eye Color

When you meet a new person for the first time, look him in the eye and then have a conversation with him. This will give you the confidence to speak freely with him. If he looks at you the same way, means he is truthful and if he looks away, then he might be lying to you at some point.

2. Chewing Gum for Nervousness

If you are in a very tense situation and you need to calm your mind, then having a chewing gum may help. There is a weird connection between the mouth and the mind. Movement of the mouth somehow indicates that you are miles away from danger.

3. Teach to Learn

A two way communication is very helpful when you are learning something new. Our mind imbibes things better when they are spoken out loud. In order to learn efficiently and quickly, you should find a person to teach as well. This improves your approach towards the subject.

4. Memorize by Chunking Things Together

Our mind remembers a lot of things in our day to day life. Sometimes it becomes very hard to remember large sentences. The easiest way to help our mind in remembering the large sentences is to break the sentence down into letters or smaller parts.

5. Quiet Down After Asking a Question

Be patient and keep temper in control if you want to get the answers that you seek. Sometimes people take you for granted and they don’t answer the question completely. Keep calm, look deep into their eyes and be patient. They will feel intimidated by the silence and give you the answers you seek.

6. Watch the Feet

One can easily tell if the other person is interested in them or not by looking at their feet. Sometimes when we meet new people and want to strike up a conversation with them, we hesitate as we don’t know if they will be interested in us. Their feet can help us find that out. If their feet are away from you, it means that they are not interested and vice versa.

7. While Arguing, Stand to the Side

Whenever we are standing face to face with a person, the arguing becomes more and more intense. This is because our mind always feels threatened when they see something yelling in front of us. If you stand next to a person and argue, then the chances of the argument to diminish are better.

8. If You Need a Favor, Start By Asking for Help

You are a human being. It is okay for you to make mistakes and have flaws. No one is perfecet. There is no shame in sharing your weak points with your friends and asking for help. They will help you to get through with it and understand the thing better.

9. To See If They Are Paying Attention, Fold Your Arms

We all lead a busy life and we don’t have time to waste. In today’s world, it is pointless to speak to someone who doesn’t even want to listen to you. The best way to know if they are paying attention to you or not is by folding your arms in the middle of the conversation. If they are interested, they are likely to fold their arms too.

10. Not Good at Remembering Names? Use them in the Conversation

Some people have a weak memory and find it very difficult to remember names. This is most common among businessmen as they meet a lot of people throughout the day. If you start using their name in the conversation, it will help you to remember them easily.

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11. Keep Your Hands Warm

A good steady handshake always helps a person to get comfortable with the other one. Keep your hands warm for a nice soothing handshake.

12. Speak to Individuals Rather than Groups

Group sessions are nice but, if you really want help, you must reach out to an individual of the group. This is because sometimes individuals feel intimidated by groups and they do not open up properly.

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