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A Study Reveals The Top 5 Lessons About Life From 2,000 Obituaries


A Study Reveals The Top 5 Lessons About Life From 2,000 Obituaries

Life in its true form is very beautiful in nature. It offers a person a wide variety of things that he could be one day. Life consists of success and failure. There is not a single successful person who has not seen failure in their life. Failure is the stepping stone to success.

Many think and believe that character traits are established at birth, and evidence – they argue – is that while some people are blessed with a generous sense of humor and charisma, others have to cope with a lack of these qualities and find them impossible to achieve.

In fact, this negative attitude takes all the many virtues and good things in each of us for granted and convince us to not find ways to develop and improve our personalities. Discussed below are five lessons about life from a study of 2000 obituaries:

1. One way to achieve success: Help other people succeed!

You should not be a selfish person in life. Selflessness is one of the greatest qualities that a man can possess. You should always help those who are in need and help them cope with the troubles that they are facing. If you can’t help others then no one will help you when you require their help and support. As you sow, so shall you reap. You should not help others only when you need something in return. This is not an act of selflessness. You cannot succeed without helping other people. If you carry on the good work, good things will happen to you soon.

2. Art IS a viable profession

In many societies, children are forced to become doctors, engineers, businessmen, or lawyers. This is because the society considers these professions to be the most successful ones in the market. This may have been true 30 years back, but in the 21st century, the scenario has changed completely. If you are creative and you like trying out new things in life, art can be a viable profession for you. Artists are like magicians. They drool in their own imagination and constantly fiddle with their brush only to put before the audience something breathtaking. Picasso, M.F.Husain, S.H.Raza are all famous artists who have dazzled the world with their creation.

3. For most, success doesn’t come early

Failure is a part of every successful man. Some get successful at an early age and some later. But hard work and failure are common among all. You should never accept defeat. There are people who are counting on you and if you let yourself down then it would mean that you are putting them down as well. Sometimes luck is also an important factor in making you a successful person. If you run out of luck then you need to double the efforts that you are putting in. Age is just number and life has no bounds. Keep your head high, put in your best work, and one day you will be successful.

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4. Ordinary lives can have great meaning without great recognition

Every good deed matters, and even if you are not being recognized for it, it does not matter as you are getting inner peace. You pay your taxes. These taxes help the government to make hospitals and schools. Many underprivileged children get proper education from these schools for free. People who are suffering from diseases and cannot afford the treatment from private hospitals get proper medical attention from these government hospitals. Your contribution to this world may be small but, when it is combined with billions of other people like you, it makes a huge difference.

5. The diversity of people and what their lives stand for is humbling

You are surrounded by all kinds of people. People of color, people of different race, people of different cast etc. Everyone has a different ideology and perspective towards life. Sometimes they come together as one and carry out a plan and sometimes there is a clash of ideas. You live in a democracy and there will be times when you will be voted out. That is the moment when you should not get depressed or angry at this diversity. You should keep your mind calm and seek solutions.

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