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100-Year-Olds Reveal The 9 Most Important Lessons They Learned In a Century


100-Year-Olds Reveal The 9 Most Important Lessons They Learned In a Century

If you observe 100 year old people, you’ll notice one thing that they have in common: they all seem to be happy and satisfied.

Young ones might think it’s strange, since we are scared of old age. We are afraid of missing out on the joys of life and how obscure death is, but several of 100 year old people give us advice about old age.

Mercola Video Libraries’, Dr. Mercola, interviewed three 100 year old people to find out the reason for their happiness.

From these accounts and several others all over the world, we have compiled these 9 valuable lessons:

1. Our actions cause our happiness

Once you’ve aged, you’ll realize that happiness comes not from your material gains but from the life experiences you had. Joyous memories keep them going. They feel they’ve done everything they wanted to and spend their last days being helpful and kind. Even science states that good experiences benefit your life more than accumulating wealth, therefore, live your life to the fullest with your loved ones.

2. Be optimistic and kind to be happy

Despite all the hardships they’ve gone through, old people always cherish the fond memories of their lives. They look at life as an adventure. They say that it’s pointless to search for happiness. Be satisfied with your life to be filled with happiness. If you believe that you have a good life, the positivity will enrich your life and health.

3. Live in the moment to be happy

There’s no use fretting about the past. We can’t alter it but dwelling on it takes our precious present from us. They suggest that it’s best to live in the moment, live one day at a time, in order to enjoy true happiness. It is essential not to be stressed and be calm and peaceful.

4. Love and companionship is essential

You will hardly ever hear a 100 year old person complain about their married lives. Despite how troubled it might have been, they always talk happily and nostalgically about their partners. They say it is important to put in hard work into relationships unlike youngsters today. A happy marriage leads to a happy and a long life, they believe. Companionship and emotional support is very important.

5. Eat healthy and natural

The people interviewed state that they feel like they’re in their 70’s. They are active and energetic, both physically and mentally. This is because they eat fresh healthy vegetables and other nutritious foods. Also, balanced diet is highly important.

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6. Adapt and adjust

Having seen a lot of the world and society, old people are aware that life isn’t a bed of roses. They often advice us to accept the changes around us and even tell us to adapt to those changes. It’s good to be positive and excited, no matter what life throws at you.

7.  Be helpful

Be kind and helpful. It not only spreads happiness and good vibes but also brings people together and forms beautiful relationships. They say that helping others gives our life meaning and purpose. It also keeps depression and anxiety away. It’s a wonderful way of being productive and helping the world to become better. Once you’ve retired, you can use your free time bringing joy to others, as well as yourself.

8. Keep learning

Old people always stress the importance of learning, as an enriched mind lives a longer and more fruitful life than those who don’t even have a bachelor’s degree. This is confirmed by science. They encourage learning and awareness both inside and outside school. No one can educate you better than life itself. So be open to all experiences and absorb all that life has to offer. Let your mind be imaginative and curious. This will make your life interesting and will make it easier for you to adapt and progress.

9.  Mindfulness and meditation

Those who are 100 years old rarely worry about their lives, regrets, stress and other things that plague our lives. They slow down and absorb the beauty of life the way it should be appreciated. Interacting with friends and family, paying attention to the smallest wonders of nature and contemplation are what they indulge in.

To relax and calm your mind, disconnect from the outer world and its cacophony and live in the present to live long and happy. 

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