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7 Signs That You’re an Emotionally Intelligent Person


7 Signs That You’re an Emotionally Intelligent Person

Some say that emotional intelligence is a naturally inherited quality. But it is also faculty that can be improved for the better over some time.

Entrepreneurs highly need emotional intelligence. It is the potential to channelize your emotions towards learning the behavior of others and for others to communicate effectively with you.

Comprehension of each others’ emotion becomes easy when a person is emotionally agile. Being emotionally intelligent can extend help in the following areas:

– Firmness and stability can be enhanced and also behaviors like anger, frustration, pain, pressure, anxiety can be reduced efficiently. To propitiously operate as a team leader, or manage a team during crisis, emotional stability becomes very much necessary.

– For sales and service, to be able to understand people’s necessity is crucial if you have to sell commodities to customers. You need to be emotionally stable in order to put forward your ideas crisply during sale. If you are able to convince your customer, it will increase business gain magnitude.

– Stimulation through motivating other people in their job is an essential role of an entrepreneur. This boosts their confidence within a successful work environment. They feel the urge to go and begin work immediately and do their work better. Such a feeling imbibed positivity in their mind as well as spreads positivity in the environment. Having a positive work atmosphere is very important for both the employee and the employers.

– Negotiating conflicts becomes easier especially during crisis situations, both with clients and among employers or co-workers. Thus you become a good, quick decision maker. You impart valuable guidelines to others.

These are the 7 signs that indicate that a person is emotionally intelligent:

1. Smooth enunciation of emotional experience

Whether you are happy or sad, hurt or pleased, you are able to precisely manipulate them according to situations and not over do them when in a presentable environment. You introspectively nurture your emotions and put them to work.

2. You are able to differentiate between other peoples strengths and weaknesses

You appreciate that every employee is different in his or her own abilities and give them work according to their strengths and weakness. You never undervalue someone’s work capability. And you also never give someone more than they can handle, in other words, set someone for failure.

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3. You are a good determiner of characters

You are highly interactive with your employees. If you have surrounded yourself with good, positive minded people, then you should also be a good judge of their personalities.

4. You lend advice and support to others, including your employees

You have always stood as a pillar of support to all your employees. You have heard about all their problems and been beside them through thick and thin. You have rendered your valuable emotional perspective to them. Well you are a successful entrepreneur and also emotionally intelligent. Being there for your employees and helping them in solving their emotional crisis, so they can better perform at their job, makes you a good and a caring boss. Someone that people want to work for!

5. You do not hold onto things

Letting go is essential, like deciding not to pursue with a business deal, control your reaction and behavior towards your employees, change work attitude in the office etc. You can let go of your past mistakes, anger, resentments etc if you are an emotionally stable and intelligent person. Showing the proper emotions in suitable situations increases your work momentum.

6. You are empathetic

You do show sympathy to others. You understand what others are going through and you help them when they are in need. If one of your workers is acting differently or in a bad mood, you go and lent him an ear. You sympathize with him and assure him that everything will be fine. Empathy is a much needed characteristic in people nowadays.

7. You completely believe in yourself

Your ethics, principles, beliefs are your own. You have all the required strength and courage to barge forward. You don’t need to change yourself. Your perspectives are your own. You totally embrace and accept who you are as a person and nothing can distract you from your goal.

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