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People With True Integrity Have These 15 Awesome Traits


People With True Integrity Have These 15 Awesome Traits

People with true integrity are as rare as they come. While it can be easy for most people to say that they are genuine and trustworthy during interviews, finding someone who is actually trustworthy and reliable can be a difficult task.

However, there are some traits possessed by those with integrity which can help you find the real deal in a sea of posers. Here are 15 traits that people with true integrity possess:

1. They can be trusted

People with true integrity always keep their word. They can be trusted no matter what, whether it be with keeping a secret safe, or coming through during difficult times. They only make commitments when they are absolutely sure that they can stick to it and would never lead you on with false promises.

2. They take responsibility

Making mistakes is natural, human even. But those with integrity know when to square up and shoulder the blame. They will readily hold themselves accountable for the consequences to their actions and will never play blame games. They are the first ones to stand up and admit it if the fault was theirs.

3. They are reliable

One trait that every person with integrity displays is that of reliability. A person with integrity will never make big promises that he knows he cannot keep. This means that they are very reliable and will never go back on their word.

4. They are team players

Those with integrity never hunger for fame. They are happy to share the limelight with those who have worked alongside them and give them the credit that they deserve. They work as brilliantly in teams as they do on their own.

5. They are modest

Modesty is a key trait possessed by those with integrity. They are self-aware and know their own strengths and weaknesses. For this reason, they never feel the need to show off to the world how great they are.

6. They know when to compromise

It is natural to sometimes disagree with those around you. In situations like that, while most people tend to argue, those with integrity instead seek a compromise. In doing so, they can reach a middle ground that is convenient for all parties involved without offending anybody.

7. They are sincere

Sincerity is a highly valued trait and for good reason too. Those who are sincere in their intentions are honest without malice and truly want that which is best of everybody. It is no surprise that people with integrity are as sincere as they get.

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8. They are giving

Generosity and integrity go hand in hand. If you want to find out if someone has integrity or not, look at how they treat those who are inferior to them. A genuine person would never mistreat others based on any grounds whatsoever.

9. They are helpful

People with integrity never shy away from extending a helping hand to those in need. Whether it is donating for a cause, helping an old man across the street, or simply feeding a stray cat, they do not consider any work to be below them.

10. They are kind

People with integrity possess another common trait – that of kindness. It is not uncommon for them to go out of their own way to help those who seem to be in need of it.

11. They are supportive

Those with integrity tend to be supportive of everybody and are more likely to boost them up instead of bringing them down.

12. They are respectful

Whether it be respecting someone’s personal space or their time, those with integrity never disappoint.

13. They are intuitive

Those with genuine integrity have high emotional intelligence. They can pick up on emotions and moods of other people, and this makes them great friends.

14. They are trusting

People with integrity will never dismiss or belittle you for your situation. They have complete faith in you and would trust you completely.

15. They see the best in others

People with integrity are confident in themselves and want you to be confident in yourself too. They will see and recognize the best in you and will always remind you of it.

If you want to find out whether a person has real integrity or not, looking for these traits can tell you that very easily.

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