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8 Universal Struggles That Highly Intuitive People Experience


8 Universal Struggles That Highly Intuitive People Experience

You may not be aware about it, but you probably know a highly intuitive person. In fact, you may be one.

Highly intuitive people tend to make the right decisions more frequently than others, and also seem to be followed by ‘luck’, even though it is of their own making.

Intuition is the ability to understand or know something immediately, based on one’s feelings rather than facts. Intuition is the 6th sense; it is the greatest gift one can have!

Intuition is the creative whispers from the heart to the mind. Sometimes these whispers are louder to some than others. Those that can hear the whispers are called Intuitive People.

Discussed below are eight things which highly intuitive people go through, which normal people don’t:

1. They always know when someone is bullshitting

Highly intuitive people have a great presence of mind. They can understand when they are lied to or are being fooled. They will catch you at an instance. They keep a close watch on people and differentiate between those who are and those who are not sincere. This is why it is very difficult for them to maintain a positive relationship with someone for a long time. They call out the mistakes of others and reprimand them for doing so.

2. Almost nothing is as infuriating as when people fake emotion

Many people choose not to show their true colors. They show other people things just to please them and get their job done. They will put on a fake smile as long as it gets the job done. But by doing so, they will go as far as meeting an intuitive person. An intuitive person is very different from other people. Their sense of perception is greater than a normal human being.

3. They feel weirdly responsible for fixing the world’s problems

Highly intuitive people find themselves indulged in problems every time, even if the problem is not their own. They cannot stand to watch people suffer and feel helpless. An intuitive person puts others’ needs before their own needs and delve deeper into the matter. An intuitive person undoubtedly sympathizes with other people and empathy is their strongest suits. They use this ability for the betterment of mankind and to make the world a better place to live in.

4. It’s sometimes difficult to be able to determine whether they are over-thinking or not

Whether they’re beating themselves up over a mistake they made yesterday, or they’re fretting about how they’re going to succeed tomorrow, highly intuitive people are plagued by distressing thoughts. Their inability to get out of their own heads leaves them in a state of constant anguish. They don’t just use words to contemplate their lives. Sometimes, they conjure up images too. Either way, their tendency to overthink everything holds them back from doing something productive.

5. We live in a world that values mental logic, not emotional reasoning

Sometimes highly intuitive people cannot cope with this world because emotions are not valued here. Emotions keep people alive and emotions are the only answer to irrational behaviors of people. A highly intuitive person does not need mental logic to evaluate a person; he needs emotional stability and reasoning.

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6. We can sense more than we often want to, so we end up closing ourselves off

Intuitive people are different from the rest. They can understand when others are being fooled and cheated. They want to help others but it is not possible to help each individual every time. Hence sometimes they just close themselves off.

7. We constantly care what others think

Intuitive people care about what other people think or say about them because they are trying to impress others. They are seeking validation. Others saying good about them, or taking notice with amazement, makes them happy and gives them an Adrenalin rush.

8. There’s nothing we want more than just to “figure things out”

Intuitive people thrive on innovation, creativity, and certainty. They never come to the conclusion before they have all the facts laid out in front of them. Helping people is like a mystery to them and every problem is just like another piece of the puzzle.

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