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10 Things Highly Intuitive People Do Differently Than Others


10 Things Highly Intuitive People Do Differently Than Others

Intuition, or gut feeling, is that intangible conscience that tells you what not to do, or what to do, when you are in a dilemma in life.

It is the first line of defense you possess; an edge over the problems life throws at you. Not everyone is in touch with their own gut feeling and as a result they are more confused than usual when it comes to taking decisions at the right time and place.

People however, who are indeed intuitive, are known to make great leaders because their intuition helps them to take decisive and comprehensive steps at the nick of time.

There are signs in people that give away the fact that they are one of these rare intuitive ones. Here’s a list of 10 such signs:

1. They don’t let others influence them commonly

This is simply because they listen to the voice inside them, their intuition. And this voice knows them so well that they find it easier and wiser to listen to it than listen to others’ advice. As a result, they often end up being leaders and corporate bosses; one who can take harsh steps if required for the greater good. They listen to their so-called inner voice intently and obey it deeply.

2. They take time to be alone more often than others

This gives them time to meditate in solitude which in turn rejuvenates their intuition. Moreover, think of it this way: when you have problems to discuss with a friend, you do it when they are alone, don’t you? To these people, their own gut is their friend and when they need advice, they make sure to be alone to discuss the issue at hand with themselves. They enjoy their solitude and it simply helps them.

3. They express themselves in creative ways

Intuitive people find outlets to express themselves that are unique and amazing in their own right. This is because they are, in general, more sensitive than others. As a result, the finer arts like music and dance often come natural to them. They make dexterous musicians, artists, painters etc.

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4. They are known to be fond of meditating

It is highly likely that you will find out that a particularly intuitive friend of yours practises yoga and meditation every day. It is these practices that make their intuition and sense of being stronger and more sensitive to the world. It is this that helps them absorb and process information as well as they can.

5. Their observational skills are on-point

Intuitive people, as we have established, find lessons in everything they see in life. These lessons strengthen their sense of being and their ability to take good decisions in the right situations. As a result, highly intelligent people like Jerry Seinfeld make such good observational comedians: they have the ability to find humor in the littlest things they come across in life.

6. They take care of their bodies

They take extra good care of their own health because it is their body that gives them the power to understand life better. If they find themselves feeling sick when encountered by a particular situation, they know something is amiss, in a jiffy.

7. They are social to a spiritual level

This is because they are empathetic to others and find themselves listening better to others and even caring for others more than themselves. Their gut tells them often to do what is right and not take shortcuts in life. They connect very deeply with other people.

8. They dream well

They ted to dream very vividly and they pay attention to their dreams also. They often write down on a piece of paper whatever they remember from their dreams and keep in mind what they learned from it or what they can make out of it. You can find out a lot about your subconsciousness if you pay attention to your dreams.

9. They take time to rest

They never overwork themselves because that would be harmful to both their bodies and minds. And rest rejuvenates their inner strength. They also are very good at managing the stress levels in their lives.

10. They make a conscious effort to cut off negative feelings

Because that’s the wise thing to do and that’s what their trusty intuition tells them to do.

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