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9 Undeniable Reasons Why You Should Travel Alone At Least Once in Your Life


9 Undeniable Reasons Why You Should Travel Alone At Least Once in Your Life

Travelling alone is one of the those eternally accepted methods of self-improvement; it is a catalyst that helps you observe, learn and ponder, while also enjoying the serendipity of meeting new people and seeing new sights.

Every English litterateur till the late 1800’s considered it a big part of their education. They called it “taking the continental tour”. As a matter of fact, Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein while on such a tour.

Anton Chekhov too considered travelling alone informative, and much of his work is set in locales he encountered during his travels.

Travelling solo gives you a certain degree of anticipation because honestly it is pretty daunting; at the same time it also gives you the freedom to explore both new worlds and your own self. It is only when you explore yourself that you truly “find yourself”, that you truly gain knowledge and enlightenment.

Here we will discuss 9 essential reasons encouraging solo travelling:

1. You learn how to fend for yourself

Without your friends, families and well-wishers to care for you and help you and in worst cases, to cater to your every whim, you will necessarily have to step up to the podium and become self-sufficient. You will have to, in most cases, on top of that, manage your needs around a tight budget; cobbling the best you can get from wherever you get it from. This will help make you become self-sufficient, independent, learn to do things your own way and solve your own problems. And what’s better than being self-sufficient and independent?

2. The friends you make

The friends you make on your travels are the most unique ones you will ever make. This is because there is a certain sense of urgency when it comes to those friendships: you know your time together is limited and your resources are too. So your decisions have to be all the more judicious, both in terms of their nature and the surrounding economy. Also, you make friends for life and the next time you travel, you might just have a place that you can stay at without spending a fortune on hotels and such.

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3. You become better at articulating yourself

By talking to so many kinds of people from so many walks of life, you end up becoming better at conversing in general. Conversing, like all other arts, depends on practice. Once you master it by talking to all the different kinds of people you encounter on your adventures, the gift stays with you for life.

4. You learn how to deal with things outside your comfort zone

While travelling, it is obvious that you won’t always get what you want, the way you want it. As a result, you need to learn how to adjust and make do with whatever you have. Remember Tony Stark making the Iron Man Mark I suit in a cave in Afghanistan with nothing but garbage scraps? Well, exactly that! By travelling alone you learn to deal with urgencies better and take those experiences as gifts for the rest of your life.

5. You become more spontaneous

This is again thanks to the utter emergency of the situations that normally arise while travelling alone. This makes you adept at making the right decisions in the right moment of time. You understand the fact that you might not have much time to decide in real life, and from your experiences you learn not to take too much time either.

6. You learn how to focus on yourself first

That is you learn how not to compromise your own self and your own needs for others in real life. This makes you very calm and realistic in life. You end up becoming more practical, rational and hell-bent on getting the job done.

7. You get to introspect

This is because there is rarely much society around you on the road. You learn how to think on deeper issues and how to ponder on what life teaches you.

8. The vibe you give off

Is amazing; it is world-weary, experienced and that of an absolute Steppenwolf who has seen the world and drank from its cup. If that isn’t attractive, what is?

9. It is a voyage and you are the hero

The prize at the end is a better version of you.

So put on your boots and lift your rucksack. Let go and run!


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