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12 Sure Signs There’s a Toxic Person in Your Life


12 Sure Signs There’s a Toxic Person in Your Life

It is inevitable for you to come across many toxic people during your day to day life. And we all know what they do to us, they add useless drama to an already difficult day and they also damage our self esteem.

Of course we can’t hope of a Utopian where such people don’t exist.

What we need to do is to learn how to identify and eventually avoid them.

So here are 12 signs of toxicity, and if someone checks more that one of these boxes, distance yourself from that person immediately!

1. Toxic people are known for their indifference towards others. They have no compassion whatsoever. And thus they can’t focus for long on the sufferings of others. Everything has to be about them, always. Their lack of compassion makes them almost even cruel, so if you know somebody that fits this description, really try to think and decide if they deserve your time and your kindness.

2. They somehow always find a way to be the victim. No matter what the incident or whom you originally thought was being affected by it, it is always them who is lamenting their luck and acting like a martyr. When someone always tries to act like a victim to literally everything, it is a sign for you to separate yourself from them, as it will always be about them and no one else.

3. You might think they are wrong. The circumstances could prove they are wrong. There might even be people who’d clearly say that they are wrong, but they would never think of themselves as anything but right. And thus they’d also never apologize. Even if this person that is “always right” turns out to be wrong, they would always find a “good” excuse to avoid apologizing.

4. Remember the playing the victim part, that is just one of the ways in which they manipulate others. They are always using their words and influence in such a manner that people do their bidding without even realizing it. Unfortunately, they are good at manipulating, and will always try to do so.

5. They have an intimidating personality and you find yourself unable to stand up to them, even when you are right. This means that subconsciously you recognize that something is very wrong with them and thus avoiding confrontation. If you can’t seem to find the courage to stand up to a person like this, at least try to find the courage to walk away from them for good.

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6. They are one of the most materialistic people of all. And they are all about the greed to have even more. They won’t just stop at that, they actually envy and begrudge those who have something that might have interested them.

7. They actually get you addicted to them first before they start their toxic behavior. They will make you feel like you can’t live without them and when you are completely dependent on them, they start belittling you. Little by little, they cause you so much mental abuse and yet you can’t seem to get yourself away from the situation.

8. Any one of us can lose our cool once in a while. But toxic people are always walking around with a temper. You never know what you’ll say or do, which would trigger them.

9. Toxic people always need to be the one in charge. Their controlling behavior is very evident as they always want everything done their way. They also get very restless when they don’t have their way.

10. It becomes very apparent that they have been using you. It is evident in the way they treat you. And you end up feeling guilty about it as if it was your fault that they were being mean to you.

11. They always want attention. Even in a large group, they will say or do something so as to attract the focus of the group towards them. They thrive when they are being noticed. And they will do everything to always be the center of attention.

12. They are abusive, both physically and mentally. But they give clever excuses for their abuse. And many times make you feel guilty for it. They will always have an excuse for the hurt they have caused and it is only up to you to break that chain of abuse.

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