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10 Warning Signals Someone Is Using To Manipulate You In Doing What They Want


10 Warning Signals Someone Is Using To Manipulate You In Doing What They Want

How far we’ve come with psychology, you might ask. The truth is that marketing gurus know the secret to manipulate you into buying their product. But that’s not the case.

People (and some of your close friends and family) also use these strategies to make you do what they want, and what they want might not always be a good thing, especially not for you.

Also, you can use these tricks to achieve your end, but not if they harm the other person. Because in the end karma never sleeps!

We’ve gathered these 10 tricks someone might be using to make you do what they want. Pay attention and be aware!

1. Urgency and sensationalism

Creating a sense of urgency is one of the most useful tricks to manipulate someone. For example, the hotel websites or apps show the notifications like, “Just one room left for you; 4 persons have already booked the kind of room you wanted!” etc. This creates the sense that if you won’t book right now, you will lose the kind of room you wanted for yourself.

2. Mixing and manipulation

The manipulator creates an environment that suits his needs. As per his convenience, he forms an illusion in front of you and, most of the times, you fall for it. For example, before firing you, your boss could make you feel that you are a bad employee. You begin to feel that you didn’t deserve the job. So, be cautious of this mixing of the facts and self-evaluate your work.

3. Following stereotype

All of us want to be part of the united society. This unity comes from the stereotypes existing around us. We follow them to become a part of the club. So, don’t fall for the trick. If you feel the need to follow stereotypes in your life, chase the need that activates the desire to follow at the first place.

4. Belief and faith

The very first thing a manipulator does is impose his idea on you. He will make you believe his words and instill a strong faith in your mind regarding him. Your awareness will be lost in his words and his ideas will be planted in your mind. You must avoid it after recognizing this trick around you.

5. Door-in-the-face technique

This is a technique where first you ask someone for a big favor, and when they deny, you ask them for the real favor you wanted from them (this favor has to be smaller than the first one). Then the person would do the job out of the guilt and regret. And that’s how you get your work done!

6. Sophisticated vocabulary

If you use some renowned person’s quotes or some sophisticated words in your sentences, the person in front of you would feel less confident. In this way, you can manipulate the direction of the conversation according to your convenience.

7. Fragmenting the facts

Hiding certain facts of your life and showing off some specific dimensions is part of fragmentation. For example, if you visit a salon and you get your toe hurt by the pedicurist when you moved your toe accidentally. This incident will not leave a good impression of the salon on you, and you will categorize the whole salon as a bad place to get your feet done. However, that’s not a true fact.

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8. Agreements made in public

There are instances when we decide something in public without weighing the pros and cons related to it. This leads to the beginning of manipulation by others. For example, “Hey, you promised to do that, remember?” or “I really thought you would help”, etc. Don’t fall for these tricks! Your prior agreements should help you in making some determination for yourself and not for others.

9. The Goebbels method

If you face a repetition of something every now and then or its imposition on your mind, time and again, then no matter whether you want it or not, your sense of perception will absorb the information. For example, an advertisement you watch regularly or a film where the hero is crazy for the heroine. Now, if the heroine would not have been seen by the hero for multiple times then the case would have been different. So, the Goebbels method is helpful in creating a strong perception of anything in your mind so that you want it mercilessly.

10. Arguments of no avail

Even if your arguments are non-productive, using ‘because’ in your sentence makes it significant to the person in front of you. Try using ‘because’ before the keywords in your statement. It will influence your listener.

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