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9 Habits Wise People Have (But Don’t Talk About)


9 Habits Wise People Have (But Don’t Talk About)

There are some situations in life in which we feel the urgent need to look smarter just to trick people into thinking that you are in fact more smart than they think.

A situation like this may be when you have to present in your class or office. Fortunately, you can adapt any of the following methods to achieve your goal!

1. Make use of your middle name. It will make you seem smarter in relation to those who use their first or last names. It psychologically increases expectations of better performance and more wisdom in the eyes of the other person. Some people may think it is stupid but it is a real fact. Try it out yourself next when you have to lead a presentation! 

2. Have faith in yourself. Nothing is better than self-confidence. Other people are quick to read that emotion off you and they feel positively about how you handle your own self as a human which increases their trust in you. When you will seem as a person who is sure of themselves, in this world full of uncertainty, people might look unto you for advice. Make sure you are there with them.

3. Be expressive about your thoughts. This does not mean being simply vocal. Speak about the things you know extensively about, the things which you feel greatly about. The passion others see in you will fuel their confidence in you. Make sure to check your volume, energy level and speed when you are speaking. If you are too loud, people might get annoyed.

4. Eye contact is very important to establish when you want to win over someone. To ensure the other person has your undivided attention, look them straight in the eye. This will cause them to divert their full attention towards you and, in this case, if they feel overwhelmed by you, that’s a good sign. They will remember you and your words/actions forever.

5. Don’t hold drinks. People who don’t make use of secondary objects while making a conversation or socializing tend to be more highlighted than the ones who hold things simply out of habit. This is why it is better to leave out the alcohol if you want to make a lasting impression.

6. Use simple words. You don’t have to swallow a dictionary and spill it out on the first person you encounter. Simple words are just as effective and impressive. Moreover, this is even important if you are addressing a large population instead of a niche one. Not many people are accustomed to fancy language. Many people prefer informal language with a little bit of good humor thrown in.

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7. Dress for the job you want, not for the one you have. This makes a big difference. It will make others see your worth more clearly. Wearing less revealing clothes makes your conversation the focal point which may be why formal dresses such as suits are not that revealing.

8. Don’t try to outrun the crowd. It may be an easy thing to do but desperate attitude may take the focus of others away from your intelligence and make you seem like a fool. Rather blend in and shine away in the crowd. And inclusive element to a person’s character is always more charming. No matter how smart the person is, if they are unapproachable, they will not be praised for their wisdom.

9. Wear glasses. This is a desperate thing to do but if you remember wanting glasses as a kid, you would remember how humans link it to higher intelligence instead of weaker eyesight. This does not mean that you mess up your eye sight intentionally; there are some fake glasses these days that people wear as an accessory.

All these are very little things you can work on to achieve whatever you want to by seeming smarter, however, they will not work if you are not a smart person to begin with. And if you are in fact inherently smart, you will not even need tips, just your confidence. So smile away and head away to show off that wisdom!

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