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12 Psychological Tricks To Make People Like You Immediately


12 Psychological Tricks To Make People Like You Immediately

Wouldn’t it be great if by the wave of a magic wand you could make the person in front of you like you?

Well, it is not as easy as that. But it is possible to bring slight changes in our personality which sends positive signals to the other person.

We are not even conscious of how much we express ourselves through little actions.

So here is psychology’s take on how to make yourself more likeable to others.

1. Mirroring is an effective technique which will make the other person think favorably if you. You just have to mimic certain parts of their behavior, such as their facial expression or speech. But you have to be very subtle about it.

2. When you ask someone for their help, they are more likely to help you again a second time as well, as compared to those to whom you have done a favor. Researchers have found that people like those who’ve asked them for a favor in the past.

3. Try using their name in conversation often once you know it. Again, you have to do it subtly, otherwise they’ll know it if you are overdoing it. People like the sound of their own name and if you mention it enough they will like you as well.

4. Flattery usually gets the job done but you have to be careful. First of all, never do it for the sake of it – people see through it almost immediately. Second, it would work great if you are praising someone who has a high self esteem, in which case you are just validating what they already believe in. But if someone low on self-esteem is praised a lot, they get annoyed as you are disrupting the system through which they look at themselves.

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5. If you are happy and positive around others, you’ll instill this mood in them as well. And thus every time they think of you, they’ll associate it with happiness and will look forward to your company.

6. It is beneficial to let people see your vulnerable side. When you come off as less than perfect, people are able to relate more to you.

7. When you want someone specific to like you, find out what interests you share with them. And then find a way to let them know of your mutual interests. This will definitely make them like you more because of the similarities they perceive.

8. Never point towards people or things. This is considered to be a very rude and offhand gesture. Instead, try making it a habit to use your open palm when you want to indicate something to someone.

9. A very simple step to make people feel excited about meeting you is to be excited yourself in the first place. It is very infectious and people can’t help but get excited around someone who already is.

10. When talking to someone, repeat the important things they have said. This gives two messages, one that you have understood what they’ve been trying to convey. Second is that you agree with them and thus are laying emphasis on that.

11. People like it when others nod to them during the conversation. So nodding might greatly work in your favor if you are trying to win the opinion of someone you are in conversation with.

12. Try to judge how the person looks at themselves. And when you know whether it is in a positive or a negative light, change your behavior accordingly. When you concur with the self image people have, they tend to like you more because you are verifying their beliefs.

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