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10 Things I Wish I Knew Ten Years Ago, Especially The Last One


10 Things I Wish I Knew Ten Years Ago, Especially The Last One

I’ve learned these concepts gradually over the last decade. Together they have helped me live a life of purpose. Had I understood these things 10 years ago, I could have avoided quite a bit of confusion and grief. So today I figured I’d share a few more things I wish I had known sooner. My hope is that they help you hurdle over some of the barriers I stumbled into on the road of life.” – Marc Chernoff, writer.

Life teaches us a lesson every step of the way. But here are the 10 things you wish you knew earlier in your life.

1. Loving someone doesn’t mean you lose yourself

People often mold their selves for the person they are in love with, but true love doesn’t demand a sacrifice of your own self. It is empowering enough that you can stand alone and stand apart but, most of all, it makes you wise enough that you love and stand together when the time comes. True love makes you a better person.

2. You don’t get ahead by getting even

Forgiveness is a virtue and a source of your inner peace. It is the only way you can move on when someone hurts or betrays you. You can’t get ahead of anyone by getting even with them, returning them the pain they caused you. You need forgiveness just as much as they do.

3. At times, what you don’t want is what you NEED

You know what happens when you can’t control something you don’t like? At times, these unlikable things end up changing you for the better. Controlling external events do not always bear fruit and so, we shouldn’t attempt otherwise. Often, life will get you exactly where you need to be, even if it is where you don’t want to be.

4. If you learn from your failures, they will become your success

Failure means you tried. It signifies learning but it will only be so if YOU don’t give up. You try and try again, gaining experience from each failure and eventually emerging successful with more experience than those who succeeded at first try. Your situations and other people can’t limit you, only you can.

5. What you have done doesn’t define you but what you have overcome does

All the pain you subdued, hardships you faced, mistakes you learned from, every bit of suffering gave birth to wisdom and strength in you. Your achievements don’t define you but your strength does. People don’t always remember your success but they will always remember how you overcame the difficult times.

6. Your past will only hurt you today if you let it

Past is called a past because it has passed. It can’t come back and you can’t change it. What you can do is learn from it and let it go. Re-living the bitter times from the past will only pull you back and you need to move forward!

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7. It’s never too late to become your potential self

Daily remind yourself: “I AM FREE!” You don’t have to be bound by anything. Your happiness doesn’t have to be the ultimate purpose. You know there’s more to your existence. Change is inevitable but growth is optional. Choose wisely!

8. Passion is important!

Passion is a drive. You have to follow whatever makes you happy and not what makes others happy. Money is a material achievement. Happiness is an achievement you will cherish for a lifetime and happiness comes only from doing something you love! Passion for anything will cause you to do things in an enjoyable way.

9. All the torment is worth it

How do you appreciate happiness if you don’t know pain? How do you grow if you experience no affliction? Obviously, you have to endure the struggle up the mountainside if you want to appreciate the astounding view from the mountaintop. There is no appreciation for the good if you don’t experience the bad.

10. You get what you give

Life indeed works on the phenomenon of what goes around, comes around. You should treat others just the way you want to be treated. Give love, respect, show kindness and gratitude without expectations and they will return abundantly. If you bless others, you will be blessed.

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