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The Law Of Attraction Is Not Going To Work For You Unless You Do These 7 Things


The Law Of Attraction Is Not Going To Work For You Unless You Do These 7 Things

The Universe is an intricate web of energies. We are but minuscule parts of matter and energy and we obviously derive our unique frequencies from said profound energies of the Universe.

When we dream of something or we really desire something in life, it is the matter half of ourselves asking to harness the more profound energies of the Universe for its own ends.

But this is not as simple as asking for candy from your parents. This is literally asking for ability to do things that are probably far beyond your current reach.

This is a profound thing, with implications in both our dream world and our real life.

The key is, with the universe, wishes and dreams have to pass through rigorous webs; this takes time, often a lot. At the same time, it takes a wise man to know how to do things better.

Given that asking for something from a higher power, like the Universe, is in itself a very tricky thing to do, it always helps to know what you are doing.

These seven things are just that:

1. Be succinct

Do not faff around. Be precise and be direct. Ask exactly what you want. Think of it like refining a Google search; if you don’t tell the universe EXACTLY what you want, is it not possible that your wishes will get mixed up with the billion others wishing and dreaming?

If it helps, write things down, enumerate and concentrate on it.

2. Do not get your hopes up

The Universe is not a customized customer service office. Sometimes wishes aren’t strong enough, they have bad intentions, things get delayed and, in worse cases, people die.

Hope is a very dangerous thing. No wonder it chose to come out last out of Pandora’s Box; once you cling to it, it can ruin you and bring everything to bits.

3. Do not get impatient

Again, the web and its complexity is beyond your wildest imagination. Whenever even a small wish of yours is fulfilled, be sure that the web in which it went is beyond all man-made internet-like things.

So, patience is the key. If your wish is worth fulfilling and your intentions are selfless and noble, there is a higher possibility of your desire being fulfilled.

4. Wait for the subtlest signs

The universe does not communicate on human terms; there is no way that, to quote Jules Winnfield, “God came down from heaven and [insert anything miraculous]”. Things don’t happen that way.

The effort has to come from within. The universe clears out a lot of the hindrances from your path.

The universe however, does produce signs of the subtlest kind for your pleasure and ease. The signs themselves will tell you that they are here as harbingers of what you are hoping for.

No two signs are the same just as no two people are the same.

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5. Have faith

Desolation and despair are indeed the worst of friends when it comes to having your desires fulfilled by the universe. What the universe loves is effort on the wisher’s part. “[The universe] helps those who help themselves” as the adage goes.

Faith is the hardest proof of continued effort on part of the wisher. That is the kind of thing that gets dreams fulfilled.

And now, the skeptic’s argument: So, is it the universe at all, or just the wisher striving harder towards a goal he/she/they want to achieve?

My argument is that if the belief in a higher power system gets someone going towards a better world, is it bad at all?

6. Do not let the complaint rest

Do not just ask for something and not follow it up. Think of it in bureaucratic terms; you have to follow up on your request. Make sure your urge is strong and your intentions are clear.

Do not falter, because that is the kind of thing the universe hates. Strength and patience all the way!

7. Be thankful

Whatever happens in our life happens for a reason. And this is the whole universe we are talking about: it has existed for billions of years before you and will survive for billions more after you.

So, it definitely knows what it is doing.

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