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In Less Than 2 Minutes This Powerful Speech Will Shift Your Life 180 Degrees


In Less Than 2 Minutes This Powerful Speech Will Shift Your Life 180 Degrees

Are tired of your monotonous life? Can’t you find a reason to continue?

Do you lack motivation? Here’s an amazingly motivational 2-minute speech by the motivational guru Mateusz M.

You probably would have heard of Mike Tyson. He is one of the most celebrated boxers in the history of boxing. Tyson has knocked out numerous boxers but only one of them ever got back up! Do you know who he was? Buster Douglas! This video is his story, his narrative of how he gathered the courage to stand up on his feet after taking a knock-out punch. It is all you will need to see to incite the inspiration within yourself.

2 minutes seem like a very short time but if utilized wisely, they can be immensely transformative. Look at the video and hear Mateusz M narrate in the background. Let the provocative tone of his voice settle in and make sense to you. Embrace the vigour with which he addresses you. Allow the strength of Douglas’ story instil a new energy within you. Let his words sink in.

What do you make of Douglas’ motivation? What was his drive? What made him stand up against the ruthless Mike Tyson? His dead mother’s ambition! WHY did he get up? Because his mother, who passed away only two days before the fight, wanted Douglas to beat Mike Tyson. His WHY was greater than the punch. His WHY was greater than the defeat. Most importantly, he knew his why. He knew why he needed to stand up in the face of that punch.

Yes, we can have an entire list of goals right in front of us. We can have all the ambition to achieve everything we have on that list but is it really that simple? Do we always get we want? No! Life knocks us down. Over and over again. We meet failures. We meet competition.

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What makes us keep going? What makes us fight back and not give up? Motivation and a reason to be motivated. This reason needs to be motivating enough. We, humans, are easily let down. We easily get disheartened and give up. That’s why we need a reason which is powerful enough to make us stand on our feet again, stronger and more resilient than ever before!

Motivation is an internal driving force. You can’t really depend upon the external environment to motivate you – even if you do, it won’t be as effective if you aren’t motivated internally. If it weren’t for Douglas’ dead mother’s wish, he would probably be yet another Mike Tyson’s knock out. But Douglas was incited internally. His motivation was a greater cause to stand up. Had it been for the mere sake of defeating Mike Tyson, Douglas might not have stood a chance. His motivation went beyond the obvious victory. That’s what we all need!

Look for a motive which drives you internally, which keeps you inspired, allows room for growth. You need to be buoyant in the face of adversities.

Thanks to Mateusz for making this incredible video!

Watch the video below:

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