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10 Signs You Are A Bold, Fearless Woman in Charge Of Your Own Life


10 Signs You Are A Bold, Fearless Woman in Charge Of Your Own Life

Women have been told what to do with their lives, design their existence to suit the expectations of people around them since the beginning of time. Fortunately, we are in the 21st century now and you don’t have to be a feminist to acknowledge that women have already broken many a glass ceiling.

Look around, and you will spot strong, indomitable women who have beaten the blues everywhere, be it your workplace, home, family or friend circle. Look at the mirror and perhaps you are staring at such a person right now!

Read on to discover the traits that make you this incredibly powerful and charismatic woman that you are:

1. You Know Your Worth

You are a bold and a beautiful woman who knows her mind and soul. You are aware of what your preferences are and come what may, you will not settle for less. You have too high a self-esteem to put up a false face and pretend to be someone else for the convenience of others. This is precisely what makes you so attractive to partners who are real people themselves. They cannot resist but fall in love with the genuine person that you are, in a world full of too many people who hide behind masks.

2. Social Approval Does Not Matter

Your primary goal in life is to follow your heart and put your soul and sweat into what you are passionate about. You are a strong individual who owns herself, and fearlessly expresses her opinions. As a person who has so much better things to do in life, you have very little time to fret over who is judging you for speaking your mind; your self-esteem is too healthy for social disapproval to sabotage it.

3. No compromise On Your Values

If there is something that you would never give up for anyone, it is your ethics. You consider the principles and beliefs you stand for to be an essential part of your identity; you cherish your value-system so much that you will protect it at any cost. In this oppressive, unjust world where everyone is busy seeking self-interests by any means possible, you hold on to your ideals and allow your unshakable moral compass to guide your actions. This is what makes you so different from others.

4. Honesty

Honesty is one of your cherished virtues and it is nothing short of this that you expect from the world, even when you know that it is too much to expect in this age of deception. You are a liberal and open-minded individual who can digest uncomfortable truths and does not hold things against people, but as someone as upright as you are, you have a zero-tolerance for anything but the blunt truth from the people in your life.

5. Optimistic

Like every other people, you have had your fair share of challenges in life and you have sailed through them. Many in your position would have turned into cynical, broken souls but not you, for you are an optimist through and through. The majestic warrior that you are, you transform every obstacle in your life into an opportunity for growth, combating them heads on, emerging from them stronger than ever.

6. Always There For Others

Your commitment to making the world a better place makes you rush to provide support to those who need it. Be it someone close to you or a stranger, you have always been the rock behind people in their moments of crisis.

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7. Selective About Opening Up

When it comes to baring your heart, you place your trust in few trustworthy individuals who you feel are loyal enough to guard your deepest fears and insecurities. These are the people in your life who genuinely love you, accepting you for what you are, with your flaws and vulnerabilities.

8. Strong Relationships

You respect the fact that each person is unique with their own needs. You, therefore, have this outstanding ability to adjust to the requirements of another person, be it a friend or love-interest, without losing yourself in the process. There lies the secret to the strong and beautiful relationships in your life!

9. Respect Is A Mutual Affair

You feel that everybody deserves respect and that is exactly how you treat people. But as a self-respecting individual, you also value and save your respect for relations which are worth it, in which you are respected back. You have none to spare for one-sided unrequited liaisons.

10. The Courage To Forgive

The mature being that you are, you know there is no satisfaction in seeking revenge. Instead you choose to let go rather than making your adversary suffer, for you are aware that forgiveness, hard though it is, leads to self-healing. You have the tremendous courage it requires to forgive, and you forgive because you love yourself too much to live perpetually in agony, plotting vengeance when you can instead enjoy peace of mind by choosing to be the better person.

So, celebrate yourself today and appreciate the incredible power you possess, to overcome every challenge in your path, for fearless women like you can actually set right what is wrong with the world today.

Image source: Wikipedia/MisterHP7

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