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7 Warning Signals You Are Dealing With A Truly Evil Person


7 Warning Signals You Are Dealing With A Truly Evil Person

We have been warned about dealing with evil beings since time immemorial. We have grown up watching cartoons and movies where a masked devil is constantly planning a secret mission to end the life of the protagonist hero. Real life seldom turns out to be an unprecedented win for the hero outside the real world – you. We deal with immoral people on a regular basis without quite knowing their true motives at first. Unlike the regular characteristics of a typical bad guy, they do not appear wearing capes and masks!

So, how the hell can one manage to realize the potential maliciousness of a person, you wonder?

Read on to know the 8 clear signs when you should be alert!

1. Epicaricacy

The word “Epicaricacy” is an ancient Greek term meaning “someone who derives sadistic happiness from others’ misfortune.” This is a common trait of a vile personality. They are only concerned about their own life. Everything to them is a competition and watching others suffer is a node of validation for their evil spirits.

2. They are resentful of other people’s success

Very similar to the concept of “Epicaricacy” is the idea of turning green with envy when someone else succeeds. An evil person can never accept others’ happiness to be a reason to be excited about. They begin to feel insecure about their own endeavors in life. They might nod reluctantly and fake a smile at the news of your success but be very careful!

3. They are constantly trying to mold your thought process

An evil person never allows you to have a clear stream of thought. They try to manipulate your senses by introducing cunning angles of thoughts. This helps them to hatch a motive against you to successfully lead you down the wrong track. According to medical studies, psychological manipulation leads to approximately 23% of the world’s rate of depression. So, the next time someone tries to manipulate you, shove him away and run!

4. Their hatred towards animals

This makes or breaks the judgment of a person on the spot. It’s okay to not be a fan of pet animals. But if a person ever states that he/she “hates animals” and tries to harm them physically, be 100% certain that he/she is a devilish creature. You will often find children trying to kill animals “for fun”. This, according to modern psychology, isn’t necessarily a “typical” behavioral trait of a child. This is a warning sign that the child probably has a dangerous quotient of violence embedded in the subconscious mind. If this is not treated properly, it might lead to serious consequences at a later stage of life.

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5. Trust your intuition

Medical researchers have stated in their latest psychology test in 2014 that “whenever we meet a new situation, the right side of our brain is constantly monitoring the entire surrounding area to pick up signals. Even if the left side of our brain is involved in conscious communication with someone, the right side imbibes the intuitive thoughts in our subconscious mind.” In other words, whenever you feel like something’s fishy with a person, don’t cloud your judgment with any contrasting thoughts. Never let yourself to be trapped in his/her delusive talks. Trust your gut feeling – it’s mostly accurate.

6. They have zero sense of repentance

Whenever things go wrong for them, they act weirdly. Unlike regular people, they NEVER repent for a mistake they might have committed in the process. They are too proud to admit a fault in their actions. All they care about is to maintain the image of flawlessness. They usually end up blaming others or accepting the fact that they “deserved” the outcome, as if it’s only divine intervention which leads to defeat in his life!

7. Feigning personality

He doesn’t have a strong character framework. He keeps changing colors to feign a personality to fit into a relationship. Nobody has any idea about his true personality.

Now that you’ve successfully pointed out the evil people around you, we hope you manage to cleanse out the toxicity for a better social life!

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