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10 Signs He’s Still Not Over You


10 Signs He’s Still Not Over You

Love is considered to be the most sacred domain of a person’s life. The emotional dynamics of falling in love with someone enthrall the human mind. We sacrifice our time, money and energy to invest ourselves in the relationship. A successful relationship is a mutual effort of dedication and determination. But more often than not, life doesn’t lead us down the “road less traveled” – the one which bears the success stories.

A breakup is heartbreaking to accept wholeheartedly at first. The emotional bonding and beautiful memories take some time to fade away into oblivion. But how would you ever manage to understand whether he has completely moved on with his life after the fight? Well, look no more! We have compiled a list of 9 signs which proves he still hasn’t moved on – yet. Clutch on to your heart and read on!

1. He doesn’t forget to wish you “happy birthday” over text

He never forgets to write you on your birthday. But that’s not a solid proof that he hasn’t moved on. The secret lies in the tone and timing of the text. If it’s a random “hey happy birthday” in the middle of the day, it’s not serious. But if it’s a full-fledged letter starting with “HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUTIE”, you have a problem in hand to solve!

2. He invites you to his dorm parties

College life reunited you two at a random party. He probably recapitulates that memory and sends out an invitation to you till date. That is a major banner on his head screaming out “hey look at me I still have not moved on.” Tread your next few steps carefully to avoid embarrassing situations with him!

3. He has sent “drunk texts” to you at ungodly hours

We have all been there. The thought of getting sudden, suspicious texts from that one ex lover at 2 am haunts us. If he is getting sloshed to call you up/text you and cry about the broken relationship, he has clearly not moved on.

4. He tries to showcase himself as a changed man

It’s perfectly alright to be in touch with your ex lover. But if you find him to boast about his recent achievements in life, chances are that he is trying to win you over with the cliché “look I’ve changed” move. If he needs to flaunt his skills, his recent trip story or his latest promotion out of the blue, nothing really intricate has actually changed in his personality.

5. He has left you unblocked on social media

When a relationship ceases to exist, it is immediately followed by the “block and tackle” move (Yes, life is actually very similar to football when seen in this perspective!) If he has left you unblocked on his social media account, chances are that he still stalks your profile and knows everything about your personal life till date.

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6. He tries to make you feel jealous and unwanted

This step is only applicable after a fresh breakup. When you see your ex-boyfriend suddenly adding Instagram stories and snapchats with random ladies at fancy bars right after the breakup, it is the age-old playboy’s trick to make you feel jealous. Never feel disappointed about this. You deserve so much better than an immature person trying to win you back by utilizing jealousy!

7. He is not looking for “anything remotely serious” right now

He is going out with new women every single week. He is hanging out at flashy pubs and dance bars, uploading every single moment on social media. But he strictly sticks to his statement “I am done with relationships right now. I am not looking for anything serious at the moment.” He is keeping himself available in a last-ditch attempt to make you notice. Playboy alert!

8. He still asks others how you have been since breaking up

This is a no-brainer. If he cares to spend his time asking random mutual friends how you have been, he is obviously still invested in this relationship emotionally. He does not want to let you know this directly but wants to do so subtly to avoid the brick wall of confrontation.

9. He keeps posting pictures with you on his timeline

He posts pictures of you hanging out with him captioning it “throwback to days when life was better.” He does not tag you but he knows that the words will eventually reach your ears. Clearly, he has not moved on from the heartbreaking drift yet.

Accepting a breakup is never easy. It takes some time. Do not go back to him if he has genuine flaws in his character. Go live your life the way you deserve to live.

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