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How to tell if a guy likes you: 10 surprising signs he’s into you


How to tell if a guy likes you: 10 surprising signs he’s into you

Gone are the High School Days. So are juvenile games like He-Likes-Me-Not.

But once in a while, we all feel the need to get into a cute guy’s head, just to tell if the flirting is worth the time!

Here are 10 signs that a guy as a crush on you!

1. Go Non-Verbal

Candid conversations and Tinder swipes may be in fashion but the old charm of trusting our biologies never die. So, pay close attention to his body language. They betray more about what’s on his mind than you think. If he is staring at your face, he definitely finds you cute. Is there a swing in his hips and a bite in his lips? He thinks you are sexy! If you are standing close, he might lean into you, stick close or make frequent eye contacts. And, if things have progressed to a smile, now’s the time!

2. Hear Him Say It

No, it is unlikely that he is going to spell it out for you. But if you are in a conversation with him, you are in a position to pick up these subtle cues. If he is rambling on about himself, he probably wants to impress you. On the other hand, if he seems involved in the conversation and wants to know more about you, chances are he is intrigued by you. Awkwardness and appearing distant too is a sign that he is into you; so be careful before writing him off.

3. Go the Touch Way

One of the sure-shot ways of confirming if he likes you is touch; reach out for his hand, touch his shoulder; if he backtracks, then the guy is just not interested. With shy men, it is what happens after the touching that is the crucial give away. Usually, if a man is interested in you, he too will make an effort to increase physical contact, a random hug perhaps, but you must look out for the “kino” effect; he might simply be in the habit of touching to break ice. In this case, observing them with other women may come in handy.

4. Acts Strangely

As we mentioned, it is natural for a man to feel nervous around someone he has a crush on, so he might act a bit weird with you if he is interested. This might include difficulty with words or sweating more in your presence. If he acts differently from the way he used to, the chances are that he has started seeing you in a different light. Do not let this creep you out. Once the awkwardness goes, he will be himself again.

5. Follows You

Has he been bumping into you too often, in cinemas or clubs you happened to mention you hang out at? At parties and other social occasions, you tend to find him rushing in your direction. All these are signs that our man simply can’t stay away!

6. Eyes Spy

Eyes are definitely the window to the heart, if not the soul. Watch out if Mr Crush is making frequent eye contacts with you or if his eyes are drifting towards you as he speaks to check your reaction. If he is shy, he would turn his head as soon as you stare back at him.

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7. Compliments

Complimenting is the best way to let someone know that you adore them. So, if the man gives you a lot of them, or even cares to notice subtle things about you, like a change in your dressing style, there is no doubt that he is interested in you. Of course, you might want to find out if he is in the habit of throwing around compliments he doesn’t mean. If he prefers to reserve them, you can be certain that you are special to him.

8. The Playful Punch

If he playfully punches you in the arm, it is his way of getting physically comfortable with you. So, if you like him, punch back or with a smile, let him know that it hurt. Either way, he gets to know that you are as much into him as he is into you. These are excellent ways of getting intimate!

9. Aping You

As weird as it may seem, if the guy is into you, he will unconsciously tend to imitate your mannerisms, matching your level of energy in conversations, copying your gestures or using the same lingo as you.

10. Social Media

When he takes time out to chat with you online, it is likely that he loves spending time with you. Do keep an eye on the types of responses you get though. If he has only single words for the long monographs of yours, he is perhaps not interested and is bored. When he responds fast and show perspective, the green signal it is!

So, if you can spot these signs in your crush, it is time to make the move. Even if you don’t find them, a candid talk is the best way to be sure. So, be fearless and ask him out. If things work out, cool. If not, there are plenty of those guys out there; you need only to read the signs!

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