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8 brutal reasons why most couples break-up after 1-2 year mark


8 brutal reasons why most couples break-up after 1-2 year mark

Falling in love definitely propels the best adrenaline rush of our lives. The breathtaking moments of conversation, locking eyes and developing trust – love feels like the only reason to validate our existence as a happy individual.

Falling in love with someone is easier than being in love with that person forever. People often tend to lose their tracks once they get committed to their lovers.

If something’s special, it comes at a price – the equilibrium of patience, integrity and mutual trust.  Yet, most couples eventually realize that the quotient of love has gradually fizzled out with time, mostly after a year or two.

Psychologists have come up with 8 brilliant reasons why. Read on!

1. The first year of commitment breaks the shell

When you fall in love with someone, you often tend to overlook the negative traits of the individual. But soon, when you get committed to him/her, you realize how important it is to be a realist when it comes to judging people. The most difficult time of a relationship is the first 3-9 month phase. After that, it gets easier… Well, partly.

2. Vacations are dangerous seasons

Statistics have proven that a couple is most likely to break up during the onset of a major vacation – mostly during Christmas. The New Year’s Eve is a close second. If you are reading this now and you’re on a vacation, don’t forget to let your fiance know that you love him/her!

3. You finally get to know the person inside out

You learn about his characteristics, his choices, his flaws. The true colors of his personality are portrayed throughout this “getting acquainted” stage. This has two possible outcomes: you either end up loving him even more or you absolutely loathe him for his deficiencies.

4. Love deafens judgmental prowess

When we start falling for someone, the dopamine triggered in our brain functions as an inhibitor. The rational domain of the brain fails to function properly in an attempt to judge a person’s character from a neutral perspective. This “make-believe” scenario is soon broken when the relationship gets more intense.

5. You settle for perfection because you think you deserve it

You fall in love with someone. You decide to spend time with her, allow yourself to know her. You spend money, you invest yourself emotionally in the cause and you expect only one thing in return – constant commitment forever. This game of expectation actually hits off the alert. Love is a selfless deed. You never expect anything from someone you truly love. But hey, we don’t make the rules rationally. It’s just our stupid hormones!

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6. The tolerance level takes a hit gradually

When you are in a new relationship, you tend to overlook minor acts of absurdity or obscenity when you are with your lover. You put a big old filter on your vision to see the world the way you intend to. But when the initial rush of adrenaline subsides, it hits you back. Your tolerance level takes a big hit as you are gradually taken in by the feeling of aversion when you spot your lover doing something stupid or immature. The world isn’t as bright and colorful as before and you start marking out the grey areas of your relationship.

7. Your partner is self-obsessed

Your partner doesn’t necessarily care about your feelings or your closed ones’ emotions at all. He/she is obsessed with what makes him/her happy. That’s a big red flag for a relationship. A relationship should be one of mutual understanding and proper communication between the two lovers. It’s like a barter system! If it’s all “take” and no “give” from one lover, that’s the sign of a crumbling relationship.

8. A year typically gives a solid idea of the traversing path of the relationship

Is it going uphill? Or is it going to go downhill? People are often confused about the road that the relationship is about to traverse. It depends on a lot of factors: compatibility, generosity, mutual understanding, mutual respect et al. It takes a year to make an accurate estimation. And the rest is up to sheer determination and luck!

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