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10 Personality Traits Of Old Souls That Make Them Utterly Unique And Beautiful

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10 Personality Traits Of Old Souls That Make Them Utterly Unique And Beautiful

You are often called wise beyond your age because of how mature you come across. You have always felt different too. Nature attracts you and you despise pop-culture. Sometimes you feel isolated.

Don’t worry – you are probably an old soul reborn on this earth. Try to be proud of who you are. If you show any of these personality traits, then be aware that you are an old soul.

1. Seeker of Wisdom

You yearn for more knowledge and wisdom. There is an insatiable thirst inside you that asks for more and more knowledge. Ideas interest you. You find solace in libraries. You have placed your trust in books to help you understand the world. The people before you have left a treasure of knowledge for progeny, and you are digging through them to understand your purpose. Expansion of the mind and learning new things has always been your priority.

2. Going for a spiritual growth

You feel the need to grow spiritually. Your mind is filled with questions and you keep searching for answers. Is it any surprise that you visit the library so often? You value the journey of life, and you have a wish to grow. Challenging yourself and clearing your doubts is the path you’ve chosen.

3. You are a thinker

Books are just words. To actually understand what’s written between the lines, you have to activate your cognitive processes. You dwell on your acquired knowledge. You think about where you are going and how you are related to the universe. Like a philosopher, you try to reach deep down and obtain your own unique wisdom. You are used to finding yourself deep in thought without noticing the hours passing away.

4. The mainstream never really enticed you

The world offers so many escape portals. There are reality shows, celebrity gossip, fashion – everything made to trap you in the vicious circle of consumerism. Your friends are already in that loop and some try to draw you in. But peer pressure hasn’t really affected you. You are indifferent to it. Sometimes you even rebel against it. You love your freedom of personal growth.

5. Nature is your comfort zone

Neither the city nor the suburbs can replace what nature makes you feel. Being an old soul, nature has a special place in your heart. You feel connected to it. When you are placed outside it for a long time, you feel suffocated. One day, you wish you can get a small house in the country – a place you can call home.

6. Your intuition has been your best friend

You have never rejected your intuition. It has always been your friend. You know that it’s your subconscious speaking to you. You have learned to trust your subconscious. It is a pool of knowledge and experience and you have understood it. Your intuitive side helps you a lot during difficult decision making.

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7. Listening is a skill you’ve mastered

Listening to people comes to you naturally. You’ve seen people at war with one another just because they don’t listen to each other. It’s really foolish. On top of that, you have such unique perspectives to offer when you listen to problems or ideas. Don’t get surprised when you find your friends coming to you with their problems. They love your counselling and know that you’ll show them the right way.

8. Hoarding is not your business

Hoarding things has never been your forte. You like to live a humble life. You only have the extremely necessary clothes stacked. You don’t indulge in consumerism, and storing different materials have not really sounded practical. You don’t engage in luxuries. Your talent lies in being as sparse as possible.

9. You have the bigger picture in your sight

While you might look at little details, the bigger picture is always there in your mind. As an old soul, you have learned how the world works. You can see where it’s headed. You are also aware that you have the power to do immense good too. Your ability to see the broader perspective has made you more able to see things in relation to the cosmos.

10. You feel your connection with the universe

We are all parts of a jigsaw puzzle that makes up the cosmos. We matter uniquely and each of us contributes something. The energy of the universe is all around us and it impacts us as much as we affect it. You can feel this connection. And you appreciate it. You respect people and you take a stance against violence and hatred. Love and warmth are positive elements that you wish to infuse in the world.

Old souls know people even if they haven’t seen them. They know how the world works and what’s exactly wrong with it. So, they try to sacrifice a little just to make the world a better place.

If you are one of these old souls, thank you – you are really amazing.

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