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5 Things Old Souls Are Never Scared to Do That Most People Won’t Understand


5 Things Old Souls Are Never Scared to Do That Most People Won’t Understand

Old souls are people who are wise beyond their physical age. They seem to be much more aware of everything around them. This is because when we say ‘old soul’, we don’t mean an old man in the body of a young boy. An old soul is one who has been around enough number of times to know what the world is truly like.

They have reincarnated much more than normal people; therefore, they are much more in control than the rest. They have a better grasp of what is important and what is not, and therefore don’t waste too much time in pretensions and such.

They are honest and upfront and that makes them abhor losing their individuality in exchange for being more conventional. They know what they want and don’t give two hoots about what everyone thinks of them.

So here is a list of 5 things which an old soul would do without thinking twice, while the rest of us struggle with the pros and cons list in our head.

1. They are quick to reject whatever is considered trendy

They don’t care about the popular opinion. They know there are so many other important things in life to worry about than what is trending, and they don’t waste much time on all that. You would never find an old soul walking around in boots which are torture to their feet but are in vogue. Never. They genuinely don’t care about trends or what people who follow these trends think of them. They’d never do something that they don’t like just to be part of the herd.

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2. They don’t hesitate in letting go

They don’t attach too much significance to trivial things and even people. They understand that the past is meant to remain in the past and are able to truly let things go when they feel that it has become necessary. They are able to distance themselves emotionally from things that might harm them. They are intelligent enough to know that sometimes holding on too tightly to the past can just make everything a lot more worse.

3. In the same vein they are also able to move on

I think that half the struggle of adult life is to move on from things and people. Old souls are lucky enough, or rather wise enough, to not let this hold them down. They know that it is better to face the unknown future than to wallow in the past. They don’t face much problem in embracing the unknown and the uncertain.

4. They don’t have qualms about cutting off those who are toxic

We let people stay even when we know that they are causing us damage. But the old souls know that saying goodbye is a much better option than suffering though toxicity for the rest of their lives. When they realize that someone is harmful for them or their peace of mind, they’d rather let go of them than wait for the situation to become insufferable.

5. They don’t believe in pretensions

Old souls are nothing if not authentic. They’d be very straightforward about who or how they are and they stick to it. They don’t ever change themselves in a bid to please others. They will never compromise their values trying to fit in someone else’s idea of what is appropriate or favorable.

Maybe people mistakenly think that they too are an old soul. But it is not as easy as that. It is a very complex term that needs to be treated with respect. But for those who truly are old souls – shine on and never let this world bring you down.

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