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If You Pee In The Shower, You Might Want To Read This First

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If You Pee In The Shower, You Might Want To Read This First

Military discipline is something that we all love. It is a matter of pride seeing them walk at parades, looking all prim and proper. They have existed since forever, even before the formation of the US.

But do you know that the way they live can be brought into our lives too? This will actually make our lives much easier and faster, and we wouldn’t have to spend bucks trying to do the same thing with external help. Worth thinking about, isn’t it?

The best thing – it isn’t tough. You don’t need a rocket science degree, for all you need is some common sense, and a sense of excitement to try something new.

Let’s see what they are:

1. Peeing in the Shower

Does sound weird, but not only does it save water but it also prevents athlete’s foot.

2. Duct Tape

If you are continuously running throughout the entire day in not so comfortable shoes, it is advised that you duct tape the sides of your feet so that they don’t get skinned and bruised. You can use Band Aid too.

3. Lacing It Up

Instead of just taping the main part of the shoe lace, you should lace up the knots too, so that they don’t fall apart or move off balance. If you are in the army, that is exceedingly fatal. If you are a civilian, it is still irritating.

4. Pads

Pads can actually be used as first aid. In the event of someone bleeding, cover that area with a sanitary pad and then duct tape over it. It would soak up the bleeding and prevent bleeding out.

5. Sugar Coating

Pretty useful indeed! Sugar doesn’t let bacteria multiply when there is a cut somewhere. So, why not apply sugar on that area while you are waiting for medical aid?

6. Tights

Tights might be used by you for jogging and working out. But if you wear it under your clothes, you will actually be protected from extreme cold temperature while it will not be an extra burden on you.

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7. Sparkling Shoes

Who doesn’t like their formal shoes to sparkle on their interview day? Well, all you have to do is layer a coat of shoe polish and leave it for 15 minutes. Next, bring a lighter near your shoe and see it sparkle.

8. The Tuck

Exceedingly famous and never out of fashion, military tuck is one of the simplest, yet the classiest way to tuck in your shirt, so it doesn’t look fluffy or bloated. Especially useful if you are thin, or have lost weight.

9. The Fire Starter

Instead of spending money on an automated fire starter to ignite your barbecue, roll up cotton and dip it in Vaseline. It would work the same. Even better, probably.

10. Stalker Alert!

If you see someone following your trail by car, try circling the same neighborhood 4 times and if you still find them behind you, dial 911, or drive your car to a nearby police precinct.

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