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Color Psychology: The Colors You Choose To Wear Affect Your Mood

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Color Psychology: The Colors You Choose To Wear Affect Your Mood

Numerous studies have been done on color psychology. It’s pretty intriguing if one digs deep into just how effective colors can be – in terms of our mood, attractiveness, thinking and physiological states.

Consider this: something as simple as choosing the right color of your clothes might change your mood and how attractive you look to others.

Here’s is a range of colors and respective emotions they trigger. Knowing them will definitely help you choose the right color for the right occasion.

1. Red

While red is the color of love, passion and sensuality, it is also the color of danger and anger. It isn’t as simple as one might think. When you choose to wear red, it requires quite some audacity and judgement. Choosing the right hue of red in accordance with your skin tone will surely give you a sense of newfound self-confidence. You will stand out in a crowd if you’re wearing red. In India, red is like the traditional color of the bride!

2. Yellow

It is the color of the Sun – or so we have known since our childhood, painting a yellow sun between two mountains in art class. However, it is indeed a very sunny and life-affirming color, which according to a fashion expert Jeannie Mai, can help you get on better terms with even the most stuck up and priggish people.

It is yet another color whose hue you will have to choose carefully. You might pair it with accessories and skirts to be sure which hue to go for!

3. Blue

We say we are feeling blue when we feel down or mellow when, in reality, blue is a very calming color. It has red’s opposite effect on our physiology – it lowers our blood pressure. If you have a first date and want to make an impression or you plan to chill out after a tough workday, blue is the perfect option!

If you think the blue hue is too dark, you might want to pair it with light or neutral colors.

4. Green

Green is a color which can be exciting as well as calming. It is a color which has an array of hues so you would probably find the one suitable for your skin tone. You would want to pair your green item with neutral-colored accessories if you want to highlight it. Lighter hues go pretty well with jewelry or bright colored accessories, like a red hat!

5. Violet

Violet is seen as a color of self-confidence. It can really help you create a proficient and assertive impression – it is your go-to color! So, if you have a job interview or a public speaking session, you may want to pick violet from your wardrobe. Jeannie May reports, “Violet items can make a young face look more mature.” If you think you look ordinary, wear something violet and your appearance will lighten up! To look your best in a violet-based scheme, opt for pastel hues. They go tremendously well together.

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6. Black

Black is the color of elegance, sophistication and classiness. It suits everyone. In the clothing world, black is known for creating a slimming visual effect. While it is an elegant color, it is also a color of sadness. If you are wearing it casually, you do not want to give out morbid vibes. To attain the graceful appearance black is capable of providing, be sure to pair it with a single bright-colored detail. You can make their heads turn if you are wearing it right!

7. Orange

A mixture of red and yellow, it carries profoundness from the former and aliveness from the latter. It is indeed a stimulating color. If you want to excite activity and inspire creativity, orange is one of your best options. It is an evident enough color already. You wouldn’t want to offset its brightness and self-sufficiency by pairing it with something too distinguishable.

Which color do you think would best represent your current mood? Do you think colors really do have the said effects? Well, it’s best to experiment yourself! Next time, follow this guide to make your own fashion statement and see if it lives up to the respective expectations!

Image was originally found on Public Domain Pictures

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