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You Are Ideal Perfect Woman, But Single Because of These 8 Simple Reasons


You Are Ideal Perfect Woman, But Single Because of These 8 Simple Reasons

Not everyone feels the need to be in a relationship. Some people just choose to be alone while some people don’t seem to attract someone.

But what about all these perfect women who find it tremendously hard to get themselves a date? Contrary to the popular, these ideal women struggle with their love life. They seem to be waiting all the time.

Here are the 8 simple reasons why men avoid dating wonderful women out there!

1. They are self-sufficient

Today, women aren’t as fragile as they used to be. They do not need a man to protect them. A story was published in The Question. It perfectly explains how women today choose their partners.

My friend is 25. She is a very nice girl, smart and well educated, a good dresser with a great job. She loves spending time with her friends in bars and at concerts. Guys really like her, but nonetheless, she is still single. Why? Because she has a cool head, and she knows exactly who should be with her. She’d never start a new relationship “Just so I’m not alone” or “Just to give it a try.”

Now it makes sense why these girls dismiss a guy either from the first sight or the first date!

2. They can’t afford to waste time

Have you noticed how some women in their 30’s are already married, some are divorced and married again, some have started their families and some are still looking for their perfect partner? Well, women, today are smart and shrewd. They know if a man will be a long-term partner or not. It is why if a man doesn’t seem to be a good marriage material, it’s a bye-bye. The relationship for them leads somewhere, it has a purpose. Obviously, if it doesn’t seem to have a future, why waste time on it?

3. They undergo their own imagined complexes

Did you think it’s all roses and rainbows for these women? The possibility of a fictional complex is quite prevalent among them. Notice how a curvy gal would confidently wear cheetah-printed leggings to a party while a tall girl with lean legs would shy away from wearing a miniskirt? What is the deal? Self-esteem!

4. Or maybe she simply doesn’t want to be someone’s wife?

One of the male respondents said this on the internet: “Personally, I want a woman who can take care of me and take care of things around the house. I don’t want anybody who is going to be looking for attention every time we go out.” Apparently, a lot of the other men agreed!

5. Probably, loneliness has become their center of attention

Okay, so you go on a first date and you talk about this ovarian cyst surgery you had weeks ago. Or maybe you bring him home after the first date and show him the wedding dress you are going to wear. Imagine planning the honeymoon on your first date. What does it sound like? It definitely sounds desperate. It sounds like this woman is trying too hard.  Even though it seems like they are focused on getting married, they are focusing on their loneliness in reality. It is scary for a man!

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6. Wrong men are attracted to their splendour

You must have observed how exquisite women normally draw jerks and just the wrong kind of men. It’s probably because nice, handsome guys find such women intimidating. Give this story a read: “Six years after my graduation, I was introduced to a married man. We became friends, but I always felt this special bond between us. One day he confessed that he and I studied at the same university, and he really liked me back then. When I asked him why he hadn’t done anything about it, he said, “You looked so inaccessible, the most beautiful girl in the whole university. I knew you turned down even the most popular guys, so how could I compete with them? I thought you wouldn’t even look at me.”

7. It’s just a fear

Yes, women can tell if the man they are dating is a long-term deal. But it doesn’t have to be true every single time. While they may reject every man on the respective basis, they may very well miss the right one. Relationships are based more on a trial and error method. Women shouldn’t be afraid to give a chance.

8. This is, to sum up, the entire concept! A very comprehensive story!

My husband’s ex was such a “Miss Perfect.” She was pretty and smart, and her zest for life was so inspiring. I heard him say that it wasn’t just a crush, but he was crazy about her. It was killing me. I tortured myself with one single question: “What does he see in me?”

Right before our wedding, I decided to ask him. He shrugged. “It was complicated because she was too perfect,” he said. ”Take us, for example, okay? We wake up early, but if we want we can get out of our bed in the evening or leave the dirty plates right beside our bed if we want to. We just know nothing terrible will happen to us if we do. But she was crazy about having everything done perfectly. You know, the perfectionist syndrome. So I said, “No, thank you!”

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