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CHILLING VIDEO shows woman snatching baby from trolley in supermarket as parents look in the freezer

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CHILLING VIDEO shows woman snatching baby from trolley in supermarket as parents look in the freezer

A baby was snatched from a shopping trolley while the parents were looking in the freezer.

A Chilling CCTV footage shows a woman in her 50’s taking a baby in a chill state while the parents shop for products in the freezer section of a Cash & Carry store in Port Elizabeth. The alleged kidnapper is arrested before she could leave the store with an alleged accomplice.

The young mother and father, aged 23 and 28 are seen in the footage as they grab something from the freezer, and at the same time the alleged kidnapper passes by and in a calm state picks up their kid and walks away. They scream for help and the father charges towards the doors. He tells security guards that his baby has been kidnapped and locks the establishment. A woman approached the father and points to his daughter which is being held by another woman, telling him it was a joke. The parents grabbed their daughter instantly and called the police to arrest the alleged kidnappers who were reportedly 51 and 56 years old. Officers took the duo on attempted kidnapping. They told the officers in the police station that they were just “fooling around.”

After close inspection of the CCTV footage, Colonel Priscilla Naidu said one of the women was seeing passing the shopping trolley and touching the baby’s head before fleeing out of the footage. “Within seconds another female approached and in the blink of an eye snatched the child and walked away as the parents were at the fridges,” Naidu explained. “Their backs were to the trolley and the child was gone in a second then the father turned around and saw his baby was missing and ran to the doors. As the guard was closing the doors the first woman pointed out to the father that the child was with the second suspect and said they were ‘just joking’. Two women aged 51 and 56 were detained while we investigate an alleged kidnapping,” the colonel added. 

The South African Police Service was called in and inspected the footage. They arrested a staff member Mduduzi Tholebaon on suspicion of kidnapping. He appeared in court and was bailed and suspended from SuperSpar for allegedly snatching the baby from a shopping trolley. Child trafficking is now a big business in South Africa, so thanks to the swift reaction, the baby was saved.

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