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They Were Minutes Away To Become Husband And Wife, But What She Did Gave Me Goosebumps

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They Were Minutes Away To Become Husband And Wife, But What She Did Gave Me Goosebumps

Weddings are special days. I know mine was, and I will always remember it.

Reading about the beautiful deeds people commit on their wedding days is more than amazing, it’s astounding!

The deaf groom did not know why the bride stopped abruptly and did not come to the altar, but when he realized what she was doing, he burst into tears, and so did all the guests! No one could believe that! What the bride was doing months ago crushed them—in a positive sense!

One such wedding moved millions to tears when Elizabeth did this to her future spouse.

Elizabeth and Scott were supposed to seal their love “till death do them apart” in Sydney, Australia. Everything was smooth and perfect.

She walked into the room with her son to get ready for the big event, which would come as a stunning surprise for the groom.

Scott swiftly lost his hearing when he was five years old, and three days later he was deaf. Elizabeth approached the altar with music in the background.

The lovely couple met two years ago, and Elizabeth was a mother of two. She chose to learn sign language.

Elizabeth perfected the lyrics of the background song in sign language! This hit Scott directly in the heart and he started sobbing.

Elizabeth said: “I received letters from all around the world when the below video became viral.

The best feedback I ever received was from parents of challenged children who stated I had given them hope that their children would find true love.

Watch the video below:

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