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Woman Shames Cop For Eating On Duty, So He Hit Her With The Perfect Response

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Woman Shames Cop For Eating On Duty, So He Hit Her With The Perfect Response

A lot of us have hectic schedules, and we have to run from one thing to another to get everything done on time.

There are days when even taking a bathroom break, let alone thinking about what to eat, seems impossible.

However, the occasional five-minute break to relax and eat is often appreciated. The same applies to a police officer.

Andre Owen, a police officer, was publicly shamed by a woman for using his one and only lunch break during a shift of 12 hours.

His response has been shared hundreds of times online, and people everywhere are rallying behind the hardworking police officer.

Andre Owen understands that being a police officer is not a walk in the park. As a police officer, he is also aware of the global effort made to ensure the protection of the public.

Obviously, even hardworking people like our police and security personnel require time off now and then.

Despite their heroic actions, they are still just regular people despite their superhuman appearance.

Owens, a police officer, had been working constantly for seven hours when he decided to take a break and have some lunch. He still had a 100-mile drive and paperwork to complete.

In order to keep going through the rest of his shift, he stopped into Burger King for a quick meal.

Unfortunately, there was one patron who couldn’t have cared less.Unexpectedly, she decided to put Owen down by revealing that he had gone grocery shopping throughout his shift.

A woman approached Owen as he was about to get back into his car and drive the long distance back to his station.

“Whilst you’re in here stuffing your face, there’s criminals that need catching out there.”

The cop responded with a full-force defense. After what felt like an eternity of service, Owen was taken aback by the woman’s reaction when he took a break to eat. After that, he Tweeted about it.

He said the woman who had reprimanded him for eating there had been staring at him while he waited for his order to be ready.

Many individuals spoke out in defense of PC Owen after his viral post went viral.

Owen’s first five years on the job with the Sussex Police were filled with more success than he could have imagined.

“I put it on Twitter and the tweet gathered so much momentum with such positive support. The tweet wasn’t for sympathy, but to show the public the reality behind what is commonplace in the UK,” he said, according to the Evening Standard.

The officer had already told the woman that he was extremely busy before she started shouting at him. At 2 o’clock he was ready to call it a day, hungry, tired, and done for the day.

“Five minutes after starting my shift, I was assigned to a serious job in Brighton. I dealt with that and then had to drive nonstop to Oxford as part of the same job, single crewed,” he said.

“Half an hour into the return journey, I stopped at a service station for my first toilet stop of the day! While there, I also got a double whopper meal, apple pie, Coke and a cappuccino.”

The female suspect assumed the worst when she saw the police officer in uniform.

“A lady, eating her own food, kept staring at me while I waited,” Owen recalled.

“I collected the food and as I left she said something similar to ‘while you’re in here stuffing your face, there’s criminals that need catching out there,’ I smiled, and just walked away without saying a word.”

The officer said that his 12-hour duty was stretched even further when he offered to help a family with their broken-down car.

Even though his shift was over, he didn’t think twice before leaving. Owen stepped in, halted traffic so a family could get out of harm’s way, and saved lives.

“I then waited for recovery to pick them up, using my blue lights to provide protection to all around. It added another hour onto my already long day,” Owen explained.

Sadly, he still had another hundred kilometers to travel before returning to the station. Before he could go home, he had to finish a mountain of documents.

At 7 o’clock he called it a day and went home.

“Whilst it’s long, and the lady annoyed me at the time, I love my job and on the whole, wouldn’t change it for the world,” he added.

Officers have human feelings and needs, too! Many officers may relate to PC Owen’s story, and we thank him for his service to the community.

Most police officers enjoy their jobs, despite the long hours and lack of respect they often receive.

Putting your life in danger for strangers, many of whom would hate you for the slight indiscretion of taking a lunch break, takes a lot of dedication.

So next time you see an officer getting a bite to eat, give them a friendly nod and a smile instead of jumping to conclusions.Sometimes it’s hard to tell what they’ve been through or what they’re up against.

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