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Wife Allows Best Friend To Stay At Her House — Finds Out She’s Pregnant With Her Husband’s Child

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Wife Allows Best Friend To Stay At Her House — Finds Out She’s Pregnant With Her Husband’s Child

The two women had been inseparable since they were in the second grade.

They had been through it all together and supported one another the whole time.

The woman stood by her best friend through several scary situations.

They were both 17 when their mother passed away, and she was there to lend an ear and a shoulder while she grieved.

When she was struggling, she gave her a safe place to stay as well as food and clothing.

After missing another rent payment, the friend knocked on the woman’s door again, pleading for a place to stay. She and her husband welcomed her into their home.

At First Glance, Everything Seemed Normal at Home

The woman was seven months along when her best friend moved in with them.

She kept her and her husband company every night for dinner, wished her congratulations on the baby, and did the housework so her friend wouldn’t have to.

But then one day everything shifted. The woman’s friend took a pregnancy test, which was positive.

At first, she didn’t think much of it and even voiced her curiosity about why her friend had asked her to sit down.

Then, her best friend’s look confirmed what everyone already knew: her pal was pregnant with her husband’s child.

The woman seemed to be asking, “Why?” but didn’t actually say a word. Since they lived together, her friend reasoned, she must have been lonely, and her husband must have been “available.”

She found herself unable to speak. She was speechless and therefore left the room.

The Woman Left Their Home

The lady made her own hotel reservation and vented her frustrations on Reddit. As she typed, she felt the helpless kicks of her unborn child.

When he found out she was missing, her husband immediately began calling. When he asked if they could, she declined to engage in conversation.

She made up her mind rather quickly. Rather than try to mend fences with her best friend and future marriage, she planned to enlist her father’s packing assistance.

“Years of friendship and marriage is just gone,” she shared. “She’s ruined everything… my best friend ruined everything.”

She was lauded for her good sense under pressure, which she displayed online.

They thought she had done the right thing by leaving rather than staying in an unhealthy relationship for the sake of her child.

“I’m sorry this happened to you, but I’m glad to hear you are making an escape plan. Too often, people stay in a toxic situation and waste years being lied to and manipulated,” one user wrote.

“Being cheated on is heartbreaking in itself. But finding out when you’re pregnant is just awful. Please take care of yourself and your baby. Surround yourself [with] those who truly love you and who will be supportive of you,” another echoed.

Others who had been through the same event made sure the woman was not abandoned.

By sharing their own stories, they hoped to reassure the woman that, although things would be difficult at first, they will improve over time.

Several Redditors pointed out that the couple’s problems were a collaborative effort, and the woman later clarified that she had come to that conclusion. She was heartbroken by her best friend’s betrayal, but more so because they had known each other before they had ever experienced love.

They ultimately encouraged the woman to take care of her health before and after she became pregnant.

Suddenly, she was concerned first and foremost with her own health and that of her newborn.

The woman’s two closest friends had lied to her, putting her in a terrible position.

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What would you have done in this position if you were in it? Would you have followed her lead and left the husband, or would you have stayed?

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