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This Young Girl Was Called Ugly Names On Because Of Her Red Hair – But Wait Till You See How ‘Miss England’ Looks Today

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This Young Girl Was Called Ugly Names On Because Of Her Red Hair – But Wait Till You See How ‘Miss England’ Looks Today

Throughout her childhood, Jessica Gagen endured bullying from her peers.

She was constantly called ugly and tormented about her red hair when she was a tiny girl.

But in the long run, she got her retribution in a way that has become an inspiration to people all over the world.

Look at this lovely young lady, who was just recently named Miss England and proclaimed the country’s most beautiful girl…

Being consistently impolite to others is unacceptable. Each individual should be treated with kindness and compassion rather than hostility.

It’s unfortunate that every once in a while, the news reports on how certain people feel justified in hurting others.

This social sin can have a devastating effect on children, leaving them feeling helpless and alone.

Even as a young girl, Lancashire, England native Jessica Gagen stood out.

Instead of being praised for the fact that she stood out thanks to her striking red hair, she had the opposite reaction.

No matter how we may look on the outside, we are all special and deserving of love and support. But in Jessica’s experience, things were very different.

She was teased and bullied to the point where she would burst into tears and rush home from school.

Almost daily, Jessica was informed that she was ugly.

Her peers even spit on her and tried to set her hair on fire with a lighter because they called it “ginger hair.”

Due to her outlandish appearance, she was frequently teased and mocked.

“I was name-called on the daily, and although I don’t think the kids were being malicious in doing, so there were definitely times they were. I was hit, spat at and had things thrown at my head quite a few times, but worst was when a girl burned me for having ginger hair,” Jessica told The Mirror.

After unsuccessful attempts to sit with other girls in the cafeteria during seventh grade, Jessica resorted to eating her lunch in the restroom.

Jessica did not feel attractive, but she knew that she would emerge victorious in the end.

“I used to get really upset about it all, but I’m determined to show kids who are facing the same thing that it won’t happen forever,” Jessica says.

Over the course of several years, Jessica matured into a beautiful young lady.

At that point, she resolved to do something meaningful to help other students who had been or are currently experiencing bullying at school.

She didn’t let the criticism and rejection deter her; rather, she utilized them to fuel her drive.

After deciding to pursue a career based on her looks, she submitted an application to a modeling agency.

At 18, she began a career as an international model and received rave reviews for the distinctive look she brought to the industry.

Not only has she achieved phenomenal success, but she has also become a role model for young people who have been told they would never achieve their goals.

Jessica has recently exacted the ultimate vengeance.

The first lady with red hair to win “Miss England,” she did it in 2022.

After finishing as Miss England 2021’s runner-up, Jessica was understandably thrilled to take first place.

“I looked back and I was thinking there are not that many redheads on TV. I thought if I could win this, I could empower kids who being bullied for the way that they look and the color of their hair,” she says.

Jessica Gagen is currently utilizing her fame to advocate for the equality of all people and the acceptance of individuality.

The nasty words and acts directed at this beautiful young lady have backfired, and now she shines brightly while her tormentors are undoubtedly cowering in shame someplace.

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We can all take a lesson from Jessica.

We’re all beautiful just the way we are. Never forget that! And don’t forget to SHARE Jessicas’s powerful message with your Friends and Family!

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