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Here’s Why You Should Never Lie To A Smart Woman


Here’s Why You Should Never Lie To A Smart Woman

If you’re thinking of lying to a woman who is even a little bit intelligent, you should probably think again. The conventional standards of attraction that men expect women to adhere to have been proven to be unrealistic and now they are just outdated.

Men tend to simply concentrate on a woman’s appearance, without stopping to think about what she might be like as a person. At the same time, women are supposed to possess a good deal of intelligence and a strong intuition.

There’s a lot of science backing up one very popular belief. This is the belief that women excel at analyzing the feelings of the people around them in a way that is far beyond the reach of almost all men. When it comes to falsehoods, nobody likes them. Women value the truth highly and nothing can turn them off quicker than knowing that a man is lying to them for whatever reason.

It is true that relationships between men and women, especially those that involve romance, are highly complicated. This is because men either don’t take into account or just downright ignore this one important characteristic that almost every woman can boast off. Underestimating women in this manner is the downfall for most men.

Don’t take the intuitive abilities of a woman lightly. It has also been proven that women pay greater attention to detail, are more perceptive, and better at analysis than men. And these are just a few traits that men have never been able to fully understand.

For all the men reading this, we only have this bit of wisdom to share – Don’t even try lying to the woman in your life and never take her intuitive and perceptive abilities lightly. You will only live to regret it.

And why should you not do either of these things?

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The answer is very simple really. You shouldn’t lie to a woman, not just because telling lies is wrong, but also because somehow or the other, she’ll figure out that you’re lying to her.

Here is an example of a man who made this mistake and had to pay the price for it:

“Once upon a time, a man phoned his wife to tell her that his boss was taking him to China for a trip. He told her that that the trip was an amazing chance for him to climb higher in the office hierarchy and that he could really work on impressing his boss as they fished throughout the week. He had to leave immediately after work that day so he couldn’t make it home to get his luggage together and so he asked her to put together enough clothes for the week as well as his fishing gear.

All of this seemed legitimate enough but then he asked her to pack his brand new pajamas made out of blue silk.

This caused his wife to doubt him but she decided she’d just play along and watch him make a fool of himself. So pretending to be an obedient wife, she packed everything that he would need for his supposed fishing trip to China. She was well aware that he was just making up stories to fool her.

So when the man came back to his house after the trip, he was completely worn out. He told his wife that he’d done right by going on this fishing expedition because several new doorways had opened up for him in his career.

Of course his wife asked him for all the details of the journey. She wanted to know what it was like with his boss and all the other people from his office. She even wanted details about the fishing. The man was only too happy to tell her everything and he went on and on about all the fish he’d caught.

In the end, he turned to her and asked her whether she’d forgotten to put in his silk pajamas with the rest of his luggage. His wife simply stated that she had indeed packed them. They were in the box with the rest of his fishing equipment.”

If this doesn’t drive the point home hard enough for you, just remember that “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” and think twice about it the next time you open your mouth to lie to a woman.

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