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7 Things Women Do That Men Will Never Understand


7 Things Women Do That Men Will Never Understand

Women have it truly hard in life. Society, our culture, and even their families have always sidelined them, reserving things like ambition, glory and fame for men alone.

It took an awful lot of time for women to get things that men received easily, and this includes things like right to a higher education, the right to vote, the right to love another woman, the right to a job; in short, the right to exist as someone independent of men and their domination.

However, over the years, these anxieties have pent up in women. It’s comparable to a dam; the more you push it, the worst the flood will be when it comes.

The result is, they are overwhelmed. They fear. They are jittery about men, about society and about family.

However, in this debate, we must also include the other side, the side of the men, who are often left wondering about what exactly warrants truly illogical behavior, such as follows.

1. Stereotyping men

You might have heard them say ‘all men are the same’. Well, because for women, generalization, weirdly, is not a problem. They are basically allowed to compare you with all the scum of the Earth and demean you saying that “men are trash” and get away with all of it like a dream. Weird, huh?

2. The best friend

The guy best friend she has makes you very uncomfortable but you are expected to be okay with it all – he is just her best friend, but God forbid you have a girl best friend. That shit is going to make her flip. The double standard here is that it is perfectly alright for her to have the dude around her, sticking to her all the time but even if you meet your girl bud for a drink, you are probably sleeping on the couch.

3. The ignoring

Remember, she has a life. She isn’t your trophy who is there to encourage you, say yes to you, accompany you silently and whatnot.

She has a life of her own, her own circle and her own existence. While all of that is well and good, the same is not applicable to you, and often. When you are doing your things with your bros, she gets upset and then starts acting really distant and, what’s more, if you ask her what is wrong, you probably are never getting a clear answer.

4. Blaming

The blame game is unfortunately a pretty popular one when it comes to women. There are a lot of complexities in every relationship but somehow the blame is always on you, and when it comes to her, she always seems to have her “reasons”, however stupid and irrational they might be and you cannot question them. For instance, let us talk about being unfaithful in a relationship. A man who is unfaithful is called a lot of names but when a woman does the same, the society just talks about how horrible her husband must be to push her into another man’s arms. The parameters are weirdly really off, are they not?

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5. Do not state the obvious

If someone says things like ‘I will never be as hot as her’, and if you reply ‘hmm’, you probably will not be taken very well by your partner. Now look, she might actually be telling the truth but she is only saying it to hear a “no, you are perfect” from you. A little flattery goes a long way. Always remember to build her up when she is doing the opposite, in order to remain in her good graces.

6. Money

If she wants something and asks you to pay, it’s a sign that she loves you enough to not be awkward about it and even though it is good for your relationship, too much of something and not enough reciprocation never does feel very fair, does it?

7. Being clueless

Women are enigmas. Sometimes, you would know what she wants. That being said, there might be some times that they will truly baffle you but that is just something one has to learn to roll with.

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