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When You Ignore Her, You Teach Her to Live Without You


When You Ignore Her, You Teach Her to Live Without You

We all have our lives. Agreed. We all need some personal space. Understood. We all have personal issues to deal with. Noted. But when it comes to relationships, we all share all of our problems and happiness with our partner. We don’t ignore them, especially if you are a male – never ever ignore your woman!

It isn’t about if your relationship is new or old. It’s about your relationship existing as of now. It doesn’t matter if she has been with you for a week or for a year, she requires your attention just as much.

How rude and uninterested does it look when she is sitting across the table but you cannot seem to appreciate her presence and instead laugh at this silly, unimportant picture you saw on your Facebook news feed? Does it seem like something a gentleman will do? Of course not!

You don’t treat your girl like she isn’t anything or that her presence doesn’t matter to you because, when you ignore her, that’s exactly what she is thinking.

She understands if you are having a busy day at work. She understands if you need a guy’s night out. But she doesn’t understand when you totally ignore her. Communicate. Obviously, if you don’t tell her what’s up, how do you expect her to understand? Ignoring always complicates things because there is no communication.

You know what will happen if you continue ignoring her? She will have enough. She wouldn’t want to do any more than you are doing and the relationship will start falling apart instead of progressing.

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It’s only a matter of time before she shows you she has had enough. Now, whenever you two are out having dinner, she will be on her phone just like you – not that being on her phone will be of any importance to her. She won’t bother texting you if you can’t bother replying her. She will learn to live with your inconsideration – or so you make it seem to her. How long do you think she can put up with your ignorance?

Understandably, if someone is putting an effort to talk to you, you respond and, if you don’t, it implies you aren’t interested.

When you are in a relationship, your significant other makes more effort and they understand better that you might be busy or caught with some urgent work. They will still make effort but, eventually, they will stop when they see that you don’t really care. The more you ignore her, the more you will push her away, even though it isn’t something you mean to do.

Today, men think it is okay to ignore their girl. It was not, it is not and it will never be okay. She needs you to put just as much effort as her. She needs you to respond to her when she summons you. Attend to her needs, show her you care and prove to her you value her. If you do not, do not blame her later for thinking you weren’t as into her or that you were cheating or that you were bored with her. You gave her the chance to think like this. Better option? Don’t give her a chance to complain!

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