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What Is Your Dominant Gender According To This Color Test?

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What Is Your Dominant Gender According To This Color Test?

Almost everyone has a favorite color, and colors can reveal a lot about our personality. Even if you don’t think you have favorite color, you’re probably drawn to some colors more than others. We all have our personal preferences.

I am sure that you didn’t know this, but the most popular color in the world is blue, and it’s also the most popular color for men, everywhere in the world. Women, on the other hand, mostly prefer to wear black.

Also, colors can reveal a lot about many things in our lives. Let’s take a banana of example: a green banana is a sign that it’s not ripe, while yellow means ready to eat, and a brown or black colored banana means that it’s likely spoiled and if it’s too mushy, it should probably be in the trash.

This is just a basic illustration of how colors bring out or show us information that we may not otherwise have.

The psychology of color is a study in how the colors we prefer play a hand in our personalities and behavioral traits, and it’s a real thing.

There has been a number of studies done that all center around people’s perceptions of colors and their associated meanings. As it turns out, gender plays a large role in terms of the colors that we are drawn and attracted to. Overall men prefer shades of blue, green, gray, and orange whereas women like purples, reds, pinks and yellows.

These days, marketers heavily use the color psychology to drawn potential customers. That’s why men’s brand packiging is often black, navy blue or gray, (think of the aftershave packaging) while women’s brand packaging consists crisp whites, warm and feminine colors.

With that in mind, this beautiful color test will tell you what percentage male and female you are, and in doing so also determine your dominant gender.

Will it turn out to be male, female, or unisex? There’s only one way to know for sure so take this fun quiz and get your results!

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