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This Is How New York Looked Like 107 Years Ago Without Cell Phones And Tablets

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This Is How New York Looked Like 107 Years Ago Without Cell Phones And Tablets

We all know how simpler times used to be a century back from today. There weren’t these many cars, humbler dressing sense and just an unpretentious life overall. If any of you ever wondered what New York looked like 100+ years prior to this time, this video will give a clear idea.

Understandably, there weren’t these technological gadgets back in the days. People used to communicate in person, visit each other and get together. They weren’t involved in any ostentatious practices as we are today. Don’t the people in the video look calmer, happier and more satisfied then most of the people today? Back then, people used to be connected as opposed to today where the only connection is digital.

As you will see in the video, even though the streets are crowded, there is a sense of tranquillity. People are not rushing. Life seem calmer without a sense of urgency. If you stand in the middle of the Times Square today, you can literally sense the adrenaline and the rush in the air. Everyone is busy with their own lives, detached from what the next person might be going through despite the technological advancement we call mobile phones!

Maybe, the greatest blessing back then was the absence of mobile phones, tablets, WiFi and all these things which are actually the root cause of distress in our lives today. The buildings look almost the same with only major difference being that of ostentatious lightening and glamour we have today – branding has taken over the minimalism evident in the times a century back from now.

This video has a silent message for us all. Even if someone is unable to understand it, the least they would feel is a sense of simplicity. The background music in the video makes it more appealing to look at. A truly thought-provoking glance at the New York 107-years back.

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New York 1911

A rare video of New York 107 years ago.

Posted by HistoryBites on Thursday, October 11, 2018

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