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The Wright Sisters Singing Don’t Stop Believin’ In A Barn Will Make Your Day

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The Wright Sisters Singing Don’t Stop Believin’ In A Barn Will Make Your Day

The video was caught by the mother, Nicole Countryman Wright, on their farm in Antwerp and posted on Facebook on April 1.

It features all three of Wright’s daughters dancing and singing along while using farming tools and cows as props.

It wasn’t so long ago when we published a post about the The New York Farmer dancing in a barn to Sia’s song ‘Cheap thrills’. Now, we have another trio dance in a barn, where sisters spread positivity while dancing on Journey’s hit – Don’t Stop Believin’.

I don’t want to be a Negative Nancy, but we rarely see such positive videos these days, especially in the era of information. It’s a lot easier to spread bad news than a good one, and thanks to this family we stumbled across the positive type, and it’s certainly worth sharing!

“This is literally the best thing I’ve seen on the internet today!!!” says one lady in the comments, “I hope they’re always that happy and dance their way through life. Love seeing kids enjoying life”

“Well you have 3 great girls there a credit to you, and they say music is good for the animals too, worked on a farm every summer for years… great learning in it, keep Happy girls!” said another.

Well, you just can’t get enough positive vibes out of these 3 girls dancing to the all time hit by Jorney. I don’t want to spoil all the fun, you can just watch the video and see for yourself!

Thanks to Nichole Countryman Wright for publishing this amazing video!

Posted by Nichole Countryman Wright on Sunday, April 1, 2018

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