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Ingolf Wunder Playing The Theme Song From Star Wars Will Give You The Chills

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Ingolf Wunder Playing The Theme Song From Star Wars Will Give You The Chills

It will be really hard for anyone to believe if you said you do not know about Star Wars – it is one of the best epic space opera franchises the world of cinema has ever seen!

Ever since the movie’s first release in 1977, it had gained a lot of popularity amongst the masses. The following movies were partly the result of the overwhelming response from the film industry to the 1977 film. In fact, the saga swiftly became a global pop culture phenomenon when the original Star Wars hit the big screens.

Now, back in the days, sound effects had the most impact. If you have watched the original Star Wars trilogy, you would probably remember the melodramatic sounds it had. The soundtrack was pretty consistent too – the film scores in cinematic terms. John Williams was the pianist who composed the film score of Star Wars along with many other renowned movies in cinematic history. His work brought him immense fame and recognition. His expertise are hardly doubtful and if you consider his work in Star Wars alone, you would be appreciating him for the legend he is!

Star Wars wouldn’t be Star Wars without his music compositions running in the background and making the soundtrack of the movie. Therefore, Ingolf Wunder, pianist of the modern world, celebrates the Star Wars Day by performing Williams’ piece from the original trilogy. Being a pianist himself, he pays a tribute to one of the most distinguished pianists cinematic world has ever witnessed.

If you can recall the soundtrack from the 1977 original movie, you will recognize the composition Ingolf is playing in the video. He has surely paid him great respect by pulling it off so brilliantly. Williams would have been proud seeing him play like this!

Thanks to Ingolf Wunder for publishing this amazing video! Make sure to follow him on Facebook for more!

They say it's Star Wars Day today. Let's make it rather John Williams day 😉 He deserves that. – Ingolf

Posted by Ingolf Wunder on Wednesday, May 4, 2016

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